See the first person in front of the high road, "please also ask Tong Bingyi and I to represent the families in the city who are willing to give up the city."

When these people are out of the city, Fang La and others can guess what these people have come for, and everyone can’t help but look at Chu Yi.
Chu Yi’s eyes swept through these people’s eyebrows when riding a horse. The number of these people is quite large. It depends even on the fact that they account for more than half of Xixia City’s expensive family.
Lv Shinang and Zhu Wu noticed Chu Yi’s look, and when they moved in their hearts, they saw Zhu Wu’s previous step toward Chu Yi’s way: "The big manager surrendered to these people, but he had to pay the price."
Lv Shinang smell speech nods, "Yes, these people must pay a certain price, otherwise, the regime change does not seem to have much influence on them. He does not say that the land and wealth occupied by these families are not underestimated …"
At Lv Shinang and Zhu Wu, Chu Yi nodded slightly and said, "In this case, you two will go to talk with these people about conditions."
Zhu Wu, Lv Shinang smell speech at a glance gladly brought to.
When those people saw two people coming from Song Jun, they were slightly relieved, and they were afraid that Chu Yi would ignore them and ask Chu Yi to send someone, which meant that there was a negotiation opportunity.
But soon, these expensive people were not happy. It was Zhu Wu and Lv Shinang, and their conditions were too biting. One condition was that they dug for meat.
It can even be said that this is no longer digging meat, but rather trying to swallow them in one bite.
Look at the conditions offered by Lv Shinang and Zhu Wu, not to mention that what they can’t accept most is that all the land they occupy must be handed over, allowing everyone in their family to occupy ten acres of land and at the same time handing over 99% of the family property …
These two conditions alone have deeply stimulated these people. Which one of them is not rich in hundreds of thousands but millions? To say that less land also occupies tens of thousands of acres of fertile land, it can be said that if they lose their land and wealth, their family will lose their roots.
In the face of the conditions offered by Lv Shinang and Zhu Wu, the first reaction of these expensive people is not to allow them. If they did, wouldn’t they have been beaten back to their original shape and what is the difference between them and ordinary people’s homes?
Xixia, the first Duchenne family, is definitely the top in your family. There are two concubines in your family, and more than a dozen people occupy a high position in the court, even if it is not much worse than Hector’s family.
Du Du’s family patriarch naturally knows his own details. The fertile land occupied by Du Du has hundreds of thousands of acres of property. If it is in accordance with the requirements of Zhu Wu and Lv Shinang, they can still keep thousands of acres of fertile land and nearly rich property. If they are assigned to each ethnic group, it will be ten acres of fertile land per person.
If so, it may be much better than ordinary families, but compared with what they have, it is like falling from heaven to hell
Take a deep breath and look at Lv Shinang and Zhu Wu, both of whom cried with something. "Do you really want to be driven to extinction? Is it possible to be a little more lenient? Don’t be so harsh. Otherwise, we’ll really explain to the people. "
He is also a face of pleading towards Lv Shinang and Zhu Wu.
Zhu Wu snorted. "I’ve been waiting for very generous conditions. Do you want to enjoy prosperity as usual?"
Face a slight change du road grind way "without our cooperation even if you want to receive Xixia king city is not so easy …"
Obviously, these expensive people have no way to threaten this.
Zhu Wu and Lv Shinang smell speech couldn’t help but burst out laughing and looked at Du Lu and others with disdain. "Don’t you know that there are many officials when I don’t have much Dasong? Believe it or not, a letter from my main manager will be transferred to Beijing and tens of millions of officials will take over Xixia."
Du Lu pointed to Zhu Wu and Lv Shinang, and they trembled for a long time before saying, "Can we go back and discuss with our relatives?"
Lv Shinang and Zhu Wu nodded their heads. "But if you haven’t decided by noon for half a day, don’t blame us for attacking the city."
Seeing these expensive departures, Lv Shinang said with some disdain, "It’s really time to see the coffin and not shed tears. At this time, I thought I could survive this robbery without paying the price."
Zhu Wu said lightly, "It is so human nature that it is more difficult to want their land wealth than to kill them. I am afraid that these people will cause trouble when they go back."
Lv Shinang sneered, "It would be great if they gave birth to trouble. It just happens that there is an excuse to catch the whole gang. Without them, we can’t take the city and accept Xixia?"
When they saw Chu Yi, they talked with Xixia Gui. After saying it again, they heard Lv Shinang’s saying, "The big manager belongs to the kind that you can’t see the coffin without shedding tears. Please also ask the big manager to order all the soldiers to get ready and wait until noon to attack the city."
Chu Yi looked at the city in front of him and said, "It’s just a bunch of buffoons. Let’s see what storms they can make."
It is said that Du Lu and others returned to the city and the gate was closed. Immediately, someone angered, "I am angry, and the Song people are really deceiving others. They are going to break the foundation of our family. If they don’t agree, we will become family sinners!"
"Even if you die, you can’t promise to ruin the family’s future."
"I’ve never seen such harsh conditions before. You know, we’re going to give a city like this, and we won’t be rewarded. It’s just that we’re still waiting for such harsh conditions. The old man first shows his attitude that Chen will never promise."
"I don’t agree with our Wang!"
At that time, all the nobles were very angry, and some people were quite fierce, clamoring that they would not allow even death.
But since this time, one person is faint. "If I don’t promise to wait for us, I will be bloody and slaughtered. Then everyone will die …"
As soon as this word came out, all the expensive people in the field seemed to be pinched by people. Even the person who had just shouted the most was as pale as being splashed with cold water.
After that, the man glanced at a crowd and sighed slightly, "You’d better think about whether life is important or land and wealth are important."
Li Ganshun in the imperial city listened to the news from his confidants, and his pale face could not help but reveal a somewhat mocking color. "Well, that’s what it should be. I want to see what these people will choose."
At least it’s also a country, and the royal family still has some details. Obviously, among those expensive things, the royal family has installed eyeliner, saying that these expensive moves are hard to hide from Li Ganshun.
It’s a pity that Li Ganshun also knows that without your support and loyalty to Xixia royal guards, they have died in battle. Hundreds of guards in the imperial city alone can’t get up any royal family, and there is no suppression of those expensive forces.
Suddenly Li Ganshun’s eyes flashed a crazy look and immediately said, "Someone will drive me out of the city."
Shi Wen’s face is full of horror, but when he looks at Li Ganshun’s calm and indifferent face, he shivers and hurriedly goes out to order.
Soon Li Ganshun was loyal to his guard protection and rode out of the imperial city in a royal way, running for the gate along the wide strip.
Li Ganshun’s action is just a lamp of tea, and it has reached those expensive hands. These expensive people don’t know how many eyeliner they have sent to stare at the imperial city. Li Ganshun’s side is out of the imperial city, and the news will come soon.
We are getting together to discuss how to deal with a group of expensive people. When we got the news, we were first stunned and then reacted.
I heard a rare exclamation, "No, he doesn’t want to go out of town to see Chu Yi, does he?"
"Maybe …"
The expensive look can’t help but change. You know, just now, they have tried their best to see if they can make Song Jun change his mind, which is as harsh as the conditions.
Finally, someone decided whether Li Ganshun, the Xixia monarch, could be captured and dedicated to Chu Yi. I believe this credit should be able to make Chu Yi change his mind.
Less credit even Chu Yi should allow them to keep family fortune if he doesn’t show their merit to Dasongtian.
But they didn’t expect that their side had just worked out such a way before they took action. As a result, Li Ganshun himself ran out of the imperial city to see that it was really possible to go out of town to see Chu Yi.
"No, you can’t let Li Ganshun go to see Chu Yi, otherwise we will never talk to Chu Yi again!"
After all, Li Ganshun is also a country, which is definitely a better chip. If Chu Yi refuses to agree to their conditions, they can do everything they can to make Li Ganshun a trouble for the hidden Dasong.
Du Lu suddenly got up and said, "When you break off, whether you have captured Li Ganshun and Song Jun, let’s make a statement together."
Speaking Du Lu’s eyes swept from a crowd and said, "I mean to gamble."
"That’s settled!"
"Fight for the family!"
Family is the most important thing in these people’s eyes, and Lv Shinang and Zhu Wu’s condition is to break their family roots. Even if they know what risks their actions contain, they must gamble.
These people are like gamblers who lose their eyes, but they refuse to give up even though they know that the chances of winning the bet are slim.
Soon, a group of expensive people gathered together a private army team of one thousand people.
Which one of these expensive houses doesn’t have hundreds of servants, and many of these servants are family guards. In the final analysis, it’s just the private army that these expensive houses raise. At most, it’s just a change of identity
One thousand private troops soon led by a statue of a half-step man and a strong man rushed to the long street leading to the city gate.
Li Ganshun’s imperial drive is extremely fast, because Li Ganshun knows his whereabouts well and can’t hide from those people in the city, and his actions will definitely stimulate those people to say that he must leave the city as soon as possible.
Li Ganshun kept urging "faster and faster"