When he fought in the south, he was enchanted by the enemy’s witchcraft. Although he was protected by the army array, he was injured in the northern Xinjiang, so he withdrew from the gluttonous army and returned to Qucheng for garrison.

Brother Liu Xuan next to worry, "eldest brother ok? Why don’t you try the star forging technique? "
Liu hemp ha ha a smile "cough just make a fuss about joining the south in the unification of Terran this generation value! My qi and blood have failed, but I can’t carry the cruel method. "
Said with a sigh, "people will die, but it’s a pity that little sister won’t listen to advice and will go to the wild osawa with the army in case something goes wrong …"
"Don’t worry, big brother."
Liu Xuan consoled, "Little sister, many elixirs in Taoist medicine have disappeared. It’s not bad to see them. If they can be refined into scattered pills, Big Brother can suffer less."
After the failure of qi and blood, the monks in the military will slowly disperse, which is a painful process, and many people are riddled with diseases.
Wang Xuan ordered the five-way army to patrol the heavenly army to explore the four wild places and asked Liu Xiaomei for a panacea. No one could stop him from following the ship.
Thought of here Liu Xuan can’t help but sigh.
In this turbulent and unpredictable era, everyone is drifting with the tide. A few years ago, they were ambitious, but now they want to live safely.
Thinking of this, he looked into the distance.
There is an altar with stone steps, carved with sacred animals, such as yazi and brave, which is a magic tower.
This thing used to be a life-saving amulet for the three brothers and sisters, but now it has become a drag on the whole day.
Just then two people looked up at the same time.
See a monster in the dark clouds break through the clouds and slowly cover the sky with extraordinary momentum.
"The guard is coming!"
Liu hemp two brothers greeted with troops at once.
Looking at the treasure boat, the two brothers couldn’t help feeling glad that they had a bad chance to hold their thighs, otherwise they wouldn’t have the chance to live to see this as if they had walked out of the treasure boat in myth …
The sandalwood of the military aircraft hall of the ship "Xiu She" is faint.
Wang Xuan leafed through the daily military intelligence summary in his hands, and Alfred was lying on his feet, his eyes drooping and his tail swinging.
The cave is safe and Li Yuan hasn’t responded yet, so most of Wang Xuan’s energy has been invested in the patrol army.
Nowadays, the Fifth Route Army is far apart and can only report back to the military intelligence every five days.
Wang Xuan carefully check frowned from time to time.
The flagship of Tu Su Xuan Jiao, the assistant commander of the Sky Survey, is heading for the depths of the wild osawa.
Osawa, a wild country in the West, remains wild. According to the map given by Wang Xuan, they found some outposts of the ancient Zhou Dynasty and mass graves of the immortals, but most of them have been eroded by vegetation …
On the way, there are also many dangers. They encounter bats and demons entrenched in the sky and huge trees to build a city, and all bats and demons in the city become blood-sucking demons. Birds and animals in Fiona Fang and Wan Li are extinct …
Chen Leishan led an army to northern Xinjiang, and found that there were a few small tribes left in the ice sheet barbarians during the extreme day, even if they could not survive for a few years.
Although the ice sheet is a spiritual herb, the veins are extremely rich, and the meteorites that have fallen everywhere for tens of thousands of years are the source of spiritual materials for human weapons …
Zhang Yan led a team to help Haizhou Laurence family to enter the vast East China Sea. Many people almost fell asleep forever.
Their purpose is to look for the Liexian Islands. According to earthworm, Liu Changan, who died in immortals, went out to sea to look for the Liexian Islands, where there is likely to be a cave of peace …
Sima Wei and Hu Ling Guo cooperated with each other to go to southern Xinjiang, where the ghost Lao tribe has declined, but there are still many strange fairy tales hidden in the depths of the jungle. What does it seem to be looking for in this city …
Wang Xuan look deep in thought.
According to Lao Long himself, it is hard to believe that there can be two Wuyaoxing stone mines in this world at the same time.
There are also ghosts, glazed saints, who have gone through all kinds of hardships to plan. Is it possible that there are other reasons?
"My Lord, here we are."
Just then Wei Tingshan entered the hall to report.
Wang Xuan didn’t talk nonsense, and immediately led the people to ship the Liu brothers to enter the magic cave after some greetings.
He wants to see the innate power. It is a good choice to seal the magic cave with "old hairy man" …
Chapter five hundred and sixty-one Bao Hu shows great power and flows north and south.
Going …
The broken dragon Shimen fractured, and a gloomy and faint smell blew the torch vacillating.
Gao Gong, who is in charge of unsealing the magic cave, frowned slightly and asked Liu Hemp next to him, "Is there anything unusual these days?"
Liu Hemp was shocked and hurriedly said, "We have been guarding the altar strictly, but there is no real person, but the demon has escaped?"
He was extremely anxious.
The two brothers guarding the magic cave used to be an amulet, but now it has become trouble.
It’s hard to wait until Wang Xuan says he wants to destroy the magic thing. If he walks away, he’ll be in big trouble
"Don’t worry about running"
Behind Wang Xuanyuan turned to Candle dragon’s eyes and looked at the depths of the cave, shaking his head. "It’s a change in the ground, and the seal is a little loose."
Liu marijuana suddenly thought of something and suddenly realized, "I almost forgot that the whole altar in Long Mai, China, was shaken when I rebuilt Shinto, and I was worried that something would happen. I personally kept it all night, but it was abnormal later."
That Taiyi teaches Gao Gong to nod and sink a way: "I also know this matter, and I personally came to see it before I left."
At this moment, Alfred suddenly turned up his ears and growled at the deep cave.
"Just look at it."
Wang Xuan strode in calmly.