Nowadays, there is no country more powerful than the big one, and there is no political force to threaten.

Don’t hide it. Let’s publish everything we have to do and say.
The change of the times requires the participation of the people, and he can’t drag the heavy wheel of the times alone.
He needs many, many followers to work with him to push the wheel of the times and let this heavy Chinese chariot slowly move forward to the right path.
This road will inevitably bring more chain reactions.
That’s what he want to see.
Chapter 77 Qi Fang decided to take Shura Road.
Su Yonglin is in high spirits to lead the revolution of the times, and Zhao Yucheng, thousands of miles away in Luoxiao Mountain, is also preparing for the third anti-encirclement campaign.
The first two encirclement and suppression battles launched by Shao Hongyuan were smashed by the peasant army and lost thousands of troops, but this is obviously not the end.
Shao Hongyuan never admitted that his defeat was a momentary oversight.
He thinks he can definitely win if he has enough logistical support and intelligence support. He doesn’t think he will be defeated at all.
The other party is just a group of bandits. If someone on our side is not dragging his feet and he is not familiar with the roads in the mountains, can these bandits make him lose his strength?
Shao Hongyuan, who has been in the army for decades, has certain confidence in himself.
After Feng Shixing, the special envoy sent by Zhang Jun, arrived in Jizhou, Shao Hongyuan immediately went to visit Feng Shixing and told him his needs.
Feng Shixing came to Jizhou to supervise the army with the title of Privy Council and Zhang Jun’s personal letter.
His duty is to deal with some dirty things in the army.
Before coming, Zhang Jun told Feng Shixing that Feng Shixing probably knew that if he dared to fight, Shao Hongyuan wanted to wave the country and Tang was Qi Fang.
Moreover, this Qi Party is likely to be in collusion with the anti-thief. Once Feng Shixing has verified that Qi Party has violated the law and discipline, he must try his best to cooperate with Shao Hongyuan to seize his soldiers and convict him, and then hand over the army to Shao Hongyuan to make him fight against the rebellion.
Feng Shixing came to Jizhou with a halo, and before he arrived at the barracks, he secretly met Shao Hongyuan, who came here, and he had a conversation.
Shao Hongyuan told Feng Shixing the general situation here and told Qi Fang that his defeat was purely from Qi Fang, otherwise he would not have been defeated.
"Qi Fang is really so bold?"
Feng Shihang caressed his beard and looked at Shao Hongyuan suspiciously after learning the specific situation. "The general of the imperial court has committed adultery against thieves and also made a deal against thieves. This is a capital crime. Does he dare to do it? Is this not too bold? "
Shao Hongyuan shook his head.
"Don’t think so at the end of the words will really can’t understand the anti-thief weapons and equipment don’t lose to my army! That’s an anti-thief. Our army is an army stationed on the border. How can it be less equipped than the thief army? This is absolutely impossible!
Not to mention how much food can the locals in into the badlands say this place is three feet flat? What makes tens of thousands of unruly people who have always been rich in unruly people run into the mountains of Luo Xiao with the thief army? "
Feng Shihang frowned.
"General Shao, do you mean that Qi sells grain to the thief army so that the thief army can survive in into the badlands?"
"With this explanation, even if it is not QiFang, there must be a person who does such a thing with QiFang, otherwise, into the badlands will never keep those unruly thieves alive.
And yet, similar things happen to all mediocre people who are lax in running the army. They have nothing to do with what the army is really like. It’s common for people to sell ordnance to thieves. "
Shao Hongyuan’s explanation is somewhat convincing.
Feng Shixing gradually believed Shao Hongyuan’s statement.
"In that case, General Shao, you have to cooperate with the old man to find out the truth. If you do, Qi Fang still needs your help."
Shao Hongyuan recognized the implication of Feng Shihang’s words.
"Is this the meaning of a cardinal?"
"Bai Mo will definitely help!"
Feng Shihang nodded and caressed his beard with a smart grip.
But not long after, he suddenly coughed violently, coughing Shao Hongyuan with a face of Meng force.
"Feng army you …"
"Stop coughing … stop coughing …"
It took a long time for Feng Shihang to slow down and whispered, "It doesn’t matter if it’s the same old problem …"
Then Feng Shihang coughed again and poured several bowls of hot water to calm down.
After secretly meeting Shao Hongyuan, Feng Shixing went to Jizhou Army Garrison Camp to meet Qi Fang.
When Qi Fang saw Shao Hongyuan, catching him was a big blow, which increased his difficulties many times and turned Shao Hongyuan into a man who took advantage of Zhang Jun’s potential and ignored orders, resulting in a loss of troops.
"He entered the army at random and didn’t listen to orders, resulting in a loss of morale. So the general really doesn’t know how to control it. Please ask the army to make a decision."
Of course, Qi Fang will say things that are beneficial to him, and this Shao Hongyuan has already told Feng Shixing before that Feng Shixing didn’t take it as one thing, saying that he would handle it impartially, but his eyes need to destroy the thieves.
"The pursuit of Jizhou rebels has been unbearable for three times and four times, asking the Privy Council to end this war as soon as possible and continue to drag it on. No one can escape to the benefit. Your position and mine are very dangerous, General Qi. You should be concerned here."
Qi Fang, of course, is white, and he is not stupid enough to end up being held accountable.
But he knew early on that Zhang Jun was dissatisfied with him and wanted to oust him. How could others believe Zhang Jun and the people he sent?
In fact, when Qi Fang sent people to Lin ‘an to deliver letters, he also sent another group of people from different routes to Lin ‘an to secretly meet the red eunuch around Emperor Zhao Gou, and successfully established a eunuch network with Emperor Zhao Gou.
Thinking that Zhang Jun and today’s emperor Zhao Shen are birds of a feather, Qi Fang was desperate for his future, because he and Yang Zhong’s side lieutenant corresponded with each other, and this lieutenant told Qi Fang about his current embarrassing situation with Yang Zhong.
Qi Fang realized that Zhao Gou was unwilling to return to Lin ‘an from other places, not only because he was afraid of the army, but also because his own troops were all wiped out by the army, while Zhao Shen took advantage of the war opportunity to master the political and military affairs and seize the foundation of Zhao Gou’s rule.
Therefore, Zhao Gou felt uneasy and worried that Zhao Shen would not return to Lin ‘an until Zhao Shen replaced Yang Zhonghe’s 40,000 imperial battalion with Zhao Gou’s Taan to ensure Zhao Gou’s safety.
This is the current situation, but the lieutenant is very worried that they will think that Zhao Shen is in the past and Zhao Gou is in the past. Zhao Gou is old, and once he dies, this group of people will definitely be purged by Zhao Shen.
So he is very anxious.
Qi Fang learned about the subtlety of Zhao Gou and Zhao Shen through this news, and thus found his own vitality.
Zhao Shen believes that Zhang Jun can’t believe in people like himself. If they want to live safely in the Northern Expedition.
I can’t compete with Zhang Jun and Shao Hongyuan, but if I can take the emperor, maybe things will turn around.
With this in mind, Qi Fang decided to take Shura Road and entrust his life to Zhao Gou. No matter when Zhao Gou dies, he will have a good life for a few more years if he can persist for a few more years.
Anyway, he is not young, and he may not live for a few more years. If Zhao Gou dies before he dies, then he will die a natural death.
Take a chance.
With such determination, I don’t worry about Zhang Jun sending someone to Qi Fang.
Not to mention those stupid people in the army have been cleaned up by Qi Fang.
Chapter 7 Feng Shixing died of illness
Former Shao Hongyuan felt wrong when he was defeated for the second time.
The rebels are strong, but not so strong that even the equipment can compete with Song Jun. He absolutely doesn’t believe that there are no evildoers in the army.
There must be something wrong with logistics, and the problem is not small.
So he secretly sent someone to investigate and really caught the quartermaster and the peasant army as evidence of trading.
So he secretly got rid of all those quartermasters and replaced them with a group of new people, and let them make false accounts according to the current warehouse situation to get away with it, so as not to let the imperial envoys find out anything
Finally, the new people suggested that the quartermaster battalion should take the initiative to catch fire once, and it is best for everyone to burn down several warehouses, otherwise this account will be filled in by law, and professionals will be required to check it out, so we can definitely see the clue.
Qi Fangnai can make the secret warehouse fire incident increase credibility, and also throw those killed quartermaster into the fire without causing fire and burn them to bones.
Will it be found out later? Qi Fang doesn’t know if he can do everything he can and listen to his destiny. Qi Fang has done everything he can. If anything else can be found out, he can also do it.
However, Qi Fang didn’t expect that it was not the business with the peasant army that made him unlucky, but the local officials in Jizhou who had swallowed their anger.
Feng Shixing’s audit was in trouble. Although he was full of doubts about the fire, there was no reliable evidence to show that the fire was led by Qi Fang, so he could bravely audit the accounts.
When he was confused, the local officials in Jizhou came to Feng Shixing at the risk of their lives because they were bullied badly by the soldiers, complaining about the bullying and bullying of men and women in Qi’s department.
Boy, Feng Shixing is worried that he can’t find exact evidence to take Qi Fang, which is a pleasant surprise.
So he sent people to Jizhou to investigate the illegal activities of the army of Qifang, and the results confirmed the local officials’ statement that they were all bullied by the soldiers of Qifang, and the people were also bullied
What can be robbed has been robbed, and what can’t be robbed has also been destroyed. Most of the land has been ravaged, and the people have been forcibly plundered by the army to do chores. The local production has been seriously damaged, and several state capitals in the south of Jiangnan West Road have not been able to recover in three or five years.