"What’s the matter with the room?" Lin momo glanced at the second floor.

Lao Mo poked his head out of the stairs and was embarrassed to explain, "When that thing came out, all the money was left to several lovers. Brother, help me to cushion it first, and I will definitely pay it back when I have the money."
Lin momo looked strangely at Moore’s heart and said, "This guy didn’t escape from Morgan Dominion to avoid debts?"
The first volume of glory! Ten years about Chapter 476 Gamblers
"Well, I’m willing to help this guy pay for the house. How can I get the map? Please make an offer "Lin momo free and easy took out a bag of refined crystal.
"Young people want a map? I suggest you try your luck on the fifth floor! In fact, this building used to be a planetarium, which is much older than me. Remember that you have one chance. "The innkeeper put away his room and went to ponder over his mechanical dog. It seems that it is his life department to maintain such a broken mechanical dog.
Lin momo dazed dazed map on the fifth floor? It seems that years hotel is still unknown. On the other side of the bar, I saw those three pieces of paper saying that I could get the star map here, but the specific process was not clearly written.
Moore’s luggage is very simple, with a dozen sandbags. Although he knows nothing about the origin of the Li family, he has decided that Lin momo is a kind and "good boss" and helped him pay off his house.
The fifth floor of the Time Hotel is covered with cobwebs. I’m afraid it has not been cleaned for a hundred years, and there are piles of junk everywhere.
"Wow, wow, it’s so dirty here. My old man is a neat freak." Momo Lin, a macaw, complained on his shoulder that the ninth-grade mirror division immediately attracted Moore’s attention.
"Don’t say that we have an opportunity" Lin momo looked grim. He was observing the surrounding environment in great detail. No matter what the innkeeper said about an opportunity, he could say that this sentence was not aimed at but really had an opportunity before he found out the situation.
Lin momo looks very carefully. Seeing things with the naked eye is negative energy and distortion, which is equivalent to a provenance ability and very active ability.
One time in the past, how long can this opportunity last? Lin momo doesn’t know, but he doesn’t need to know.
"Sou" sounded slightly, and Lin momo disappeared in situ. When he reappeared, he had reached the fifth floor with many sundries. His hand tightly grabbed a slender metal belt.
Da Damon and Su Baba followed the force field to help them slip quickly. At this time, they saw the boss grab a mechanical flying squirrel and that slender metal belt was the tail of the flying squirrel.
"Well, this flying squirrel is the map." Lin momo said with certainty and immediately knocked the flying squirrel’s silver skull.
"Ah, bastard, don’t knock on my skull. You can’t afford to lose your roots. I’m an astronomical mouse." The flying squirrel glared at the sky-blue eyes and flashed to show its anger
"Thirty units of crystal refining in exchange for a detailed map of the second galaxy, including all the information you know about the mysterious nebula in Trenin Star Domain?" Lin momo tightened his left hand and this sly little guy escaped.
Astronomical mouse is a super clown in the years hotel. It comes and goes. Few people can catch it like Lin momo. Many tourists have suffered from astronomical mouse, but they may not get the map.
"Ha-ha-cong, human beings know the principle of equivalent exchange, but you can’t pay the price …" The astronomical mouse suddenly found that it was shrinking by grabbing its finger.
"oh! I almost forgot that you are free except for 30 units of refined crystal. "Lin momo became stubborn and he didn’t intend to pay even half a unit of refined crystal.
"Cheapskate 30 units refined crystal want detailed map? There is also the mysterious nebula information. I need to remind you that the star map in my body is not street goods, but dozens of astronomical wise people have spent their lives to receive valuable information. You can’t buy 3,000 units of crystal refining outside. "Flying squirrels are somewhat exaggerated, but it is true. The predecessor of this year’s hotel was indeed a settlement of some outstanding astronomical wise people.
Astronomical wise men are absolutely rare. They don’t know history, but they are thousands of miles away from strategic wise men regardless of the economy. However, astronomical wise men are willing to dedicate their lives to the universe. They explore the mysteries of all kinds of celestial bodies. They are obsessed with splicing star maps. They like to get together to push forward the changes of nebulae. It is the mysterious nebula in the Interlaning Star Domain that gathered a group of astronomical wise men here. With the passage of time, the original planetarium has become a hotel for years. However, it is no secret that these great wise men have left traces of their life data in mechanical flying squirrels and waited for someone to come and look for this
"all right! Thirty units of refined crystal, you are free. Besides, I will add a handful of rare metals. "Lin momo tried several times and found that this mechanical mouse shell is very hard, so you can see through it.
If the astronomical mouse was so easy to deal with, I’m afraid it would have been taken away by others. Maybe the flying mouse had a crash bomb in its stomach. Lin momo tried several times to make a small concession.
A handful of rare metals are worth up to 100 units of crystal refining, but Lin momo is no longer the one who just returned to the third galaxy from the out-of-bounds galaxy. He built the Tianzhu fleet, and his fortune has shrunk dramatically. At present, the Tianzhu fleet always prepares crystal refining just 250,000 units, which also includes Roderick’s recent contribution.
250,000 units of crystal refining, excluding the need to buy resources, maintain daily operation and pay everyone a salary, are not too much. Besides, Phantom and Zeus originally had enough ammunition, and after they were expanded to six ships, they must save ammunition as much as possible.
In a word, Lin momo is running out of crystal besides the benchmark crystal smelting in the core cabin of star cruise ship, and rare resources such as titanium crystal are calculated by kilograms.
Now squeeze out a little resources, a little less style, and when the old department needs it, Lin momo plays the mysterious nebula idea, hoping to make a fortune in the past to solve the urgent need
"Hum is really stingy human. The map here is already very cheap. You are lucky enough to get my advice but don’t know how to cherish the opportunity. You have to be willing to let me know, right? The mechanical flying squirrel’s artificial intelligence is very outstanding. Its face is made of metal and its expression is vivid.
"Ha ha what do you like? You don’t need much crystal refining to maintain your volume. How can I be so stupid? Since your name is Astronomy Mouse, you must be interested in the most mysterious celestial body in the universe. When I was out of the galaxy, my star cruise ship once entered the white hole. That’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. "Lin Sisuo’s symptomatic medicine has just poked the weakness of Astronomy Mouse.
Those astronomy wise men left the mechanical mouse to inherit their master’s hobby, and they are equally crazy about astronomy. Black holes are common in the universe, but black holes are still in the guessing stage. No one has actually observed the white hole. If there is information about the white hole, then the astronomical mouse would like it to know all the map exchanges.
With Lin momo’s mouth, he took out the metal and played out some fragments of the experience in the white hole. The astronomical mouse was so scared that it was almost set aside. This may be an important discovery that human beings have set foot in the galaxy for more than 2,000 years.
"I can’t express the excitement of the chip. I strongly urge you to exchange data." The astronomical mouse is no longer struggling in Lin momo’s hands like a good baby at the moment, and his small blue eyes are horribly bright
"No problem, I need your map." Lin momo was overjoyed to be able to make a deal in this way.
The data stream released by the peacock is actually a tiny red beam, which enters the left eye of the astronomical mouse, and at the same time, the right eye of the astronomical mouse also emits a beam, and the map is being lost to the metal.
Lin momo is interested in the star map. Let a mechanical flying squirrel live on the top floor of the hotel!
After the transaction, Lin momo patted the metal peacock and was shocked by the accuracy of the map. She was sorting out the corresponding data and then rose to the database file.
When Lin momo entered the porch world, he had two followers, Da Damon and Su Baba. However, after a tour, two more followers were added, namely, the avatar macaw, the ninth-grade mirror image teacher, and a Morgan "detective" who could not afford the house.
Of course, Lin momo is not satisfied with the fact that there is another animal trainer Payne who is suitable for the crew in the Xuan world. Although there are four people around Monica Huang and Aswanchekov to help, the Furong lacks a real animal trainer who sits in the ninth-class animal trainer and is barely called a master, which should help the fleet.
It’s not hard to find a gambling house in Xuanjie. Just turn a few corners from the years hotel and you can see the only clock tower in the town. According to the pretty saying, the clock tower is the center of the mirror array in Xuanjie.
Lin momo stepped into the gambling house and just saw a pale face. This is a middle-aged man with white temples. He is extremely corrupt in righteousness. He is holding a shimmering square chip in front of a roulette wheel.
"Damn, damn, damn, how is the wheel? I want to bet on a gamma beast. "The middle-aged man has spent a lot of energy before his eyes sank into his roulette wheel."
"Wu Dan? If I were you, I would stop at once. "Lin momo looked at the roulette wheel and didn’t know what it was. I always felt that the roulette wheel exuded subtle mental fluctuations, which were carefully sensed and irrelevant.
"Stop? Who are you? Why should I stop? I bet all my savings to get my dream. What can a trainer do without a fighting beast? I’m not worth as much as a few wise men. "Wu Dan fell into madness, and his mind became a little confused. Finally, before the roulette wheel was running again, he threw his last chip into the gridiron painted with gamma.
The roulette wheel runs quickly. Lin momo was surprised to find that there are 360 compartments in the roulette wheel, each of which is painted with Brother Wu’s dream of different occupations to equip and tame animals. Gerry painted natural war animals, almost all of which are super-order cubs or quasi-super-order war animals.
Momo Lin in a trance felt dizzy. He saw a magic thunder grass with a short prescription that could temporarily boost his spiritual strength. This was a pleasant surprise.
The roulette wheel is still turning. There seems to be a pharmacist gambler besides the animal trainer Wu Dan.
Then Lin momo just entered the gambling house behind Damon Su Baba Moore looked at the roulette wheel and his eyes became straight.
The first volume of glory! Ten years about Chapter 477 Full Moon
"Gamma Beast, Gamma Beast, give me the gamma beast quickly," cried the animal trainer Wu Dan Shirley. His voice seemed to flash like a meteor at first, bringing a glimmer of light to the original lifeless atmosphere in the gambling house.
Lin momo quickly became self-conscious, which was really a unique experience. Just a few seconds ago, the whole mind was attracted by roulette, and at the same time, the body source strength dropped greatly. Even Da Damon’s hand was holding the pot of Lanterns presented by the Jinlanxing people, and he was paralyzed.
"Good evil and different gambling houses" Lin momo frantically urged the spirit to show a hook behind his head. Xuan Yue’s bright moonlight reflected suddenly and felt relaxed, but two groups of sultry white gas were ejected from his nostrils to relieve the pressure.
"Er, hell, this roulette is an evil repair equipment that absorbs life energy." The parrot is quite uneasy and shakes its body. Because it is an amoeba and a nine-level mirror teacher, the awakening speed is almost the same as Lin momo.
"I hold what’s the matter? How do you feel that roulette is getting farther and farther away? "Moore cried in a broken gong-like voice. His eyes became clear quickly, only to find that the surrounding atmosphere was a little weird.
Da Damon and Su Baba also woke up one after another. When Lin Sisuo started Xuan Yue, the fluctuations around him protected their own people, but the trainer Wu Dan was too close to the roulette position to be included in the protection scope for a while.
Once again, the "Ding Dong" roulette wheel turns 360 squares, and one of them is Bai Ge, who listens to Wu Dan, the animal trainer, crying that a whole person falls to the ground.
Lin momo quickly waved and said, "Don’t make a move. Wu Danxiu is not weak. Life energy and spirit are failing and won’t die for the time being."
"Then what shall we do? Destroy the gambling house? " Damon’s eyes flashed a trace of fear. This roulette wheel is actually a bit evil. It always looks so weak in front of the arrogant spiritual force roulette wheel.
"Don’t porch world stands naturally has its reasons and rules. We shouldn’t intervene too much. You three should quit first and I’ll treat Wu Dan." Lin momo stepped back half a step. After he left his brain, Xuan Yue covered Damon and they rushed out of the gambling house door and got rid of the temptation of roulette.
Damon Lin momo spirit after three people go out, he didn’t tell the truth Wu Dan situation is very bad heart andao "don’t porch gambling house is disregard for human life? This is hard to imagine. "
"Gama Beast I Fight Beast" Wu Dan still mumbles in his mouth. His persistence may make him a nine-level animal trainer, but it is wishful thinking to get his dream to fight through a roulette wheel.
"alas! Maybe everyone has an infatuation in their hearts and a chance to get something for nothing. I am not much better than U Danqiang. "Lin momo took a solid step by thinking about his feet."
The roulette wheel in the gambling house suddenly turns again, and it tends to turn faster and faster. Lin momo is surprised to find that the defense around him is falling apart, which is much more than expected.
"Young people want to bet on a plate? If you can stop the roulette wheel at a specified position, then you can choose the roulette object and equipment as you like, but there will be a chance. "There is a temptation sound, but even if it is convenient, you can’t find the source of the sound."
"I’m not interested in taking U Dan away." Lin momo’s pupil miniature was originally opened by Xuan Yue, but the roulette wheel is slowly enlarged at this moment.
"In the same way, if you want to take people away, you need to let the roulette wheel." The alto came to an abrupt end and the roulette wheel was further accelerated, which forced Lin momo to make moves.
Momo doesn’t want to move colorful agate snails in the porch world. Who knows what it will be like to manipulate roulette? Too much exposure of strength is not beneficial.