Plumes of smoke curled up from his feet, and the bottom of the water exuded deep green light and gradually approached the water surface, while the surrounding water surface rolled dry and produced more and more green branches.

"Don’t be silly and leave here as soon as possible!"
"Run for the old man!"
There are weak-willed people who are naturally interested in Zhiqiang’s adult. It is also extremely uneasy not to say that the green trunk in the pipeline is based on it.
Green branches may come out at any time and place, which can tear the human body into a pile of limbs in an instant. In less than a few seconds, dozens of Yunren are torn into meat piles by green limbs.
And the will to survive broke out without being scared by the general picture of natural disasters. Yunren tore his heart and cracked his lungs and shouted out the loudest volume in his life. Yunren was stunned and "woke up" one by one.
Even if green branches are likely to erupt at the bottom of the water, even if the "green python" on the lake is ready to go, only those who don’t give up their struggle will have a glimmer of life.
The first green python took the lead in landing on the ground, making the already tumbling water more agitated, like dozens of detonators exploding together, exploding into the sky and forming a circle of waves and going around.
More than a dozen people started to run, and Yun Ren got close to each other and disappeared after being directly taken into the water by the hot waves.
This water is no longer a lake, but it can tear the human body in an instant. The green branches contain the power of God. If you come over and don’t even have a chance to struggle, you will die directly in the water.
If the water-green branches are sharp swords that generally tear people apart, then the green python-like wooden trunk is a stone pillar that can kill dozens of people.
The first green trunk seemed to blow the horn, and more trunks seemed to be manipulated, and generally fell into Yunlei Gorge accurately.
The deafening rumble has never stopped since the first wooden trunk fell behind. The wooden trunk fell and fled to Wan Yun. The forbearers directly smashed the uncounted gap.
A wooden tree trunk can kill a dozen, but dozens.
There are too many trunks, and there are naturally many people who pour them down.
An ordinary trunk with a thickness of one meter can be easily cut off and kicked to pieces by Zhong Ren, but it contains the power of God. Even if you endure it, you should temporarily avoid the edge.
At this moment, there is no place to show heroism, even if it is better than four generations of eyes, thunder and shadows, there is no way to stop these hundreds of wooden trunks from leading many clouds to escape as soon as possible in the direction outside Yunlei Gorge.
Mutual support has lost its meaning at the moment. If you want to survive, you have to run non-stop and not stop for a moment. Even if someone stumbles to the ground next to you, you can’t stop to help him, because once you stop, both of them will die here.
When Shenweimudun tree trunks exert their power, no one has time to think about whether this natural disaster figurine has brought soil. What everyone thinks at this time is to run hard
At this time, it can be said that the house leaks and it rains at night. When the wooden trunk is not finished, the green branches brewing in the lake finally take off.
A road is faster than thoughts, and the green branches of terror, such as roaring snakes, emerge from the lake and directly attack many Yunren who fled toward the periphery.
In an instant, dozens of green branches surfaced to form a powerful force, which directly tore hundreds of Yunren meat piles.
It’s just a moment when hundreds of people say no, it’s gone. It’s hard to imagine that the picture is heavier than a sledgehammer hitting the heart. Please browse and read.
Chapter three hundred and nineteen Doomsday Judgment (the first more at the end of the month! )
Endure level cloud can barely resist this horrible green branch, but when you see the water drifting with hundreds of companions’ bodies, your feet will be slightly strengthened.
Python-like wooden trunks and green branches are accompanied, and the Yunren people are pushed directly into the abyss, and there is no resistance.
But the road to survival continues.
Some people have stopped struggling, but more people still want to live.
At this moment, it is not too clear to say that it is life. There is no chance to say that those who give up their companions need to think about saving their lives.
This is the irresistible natural disaster ability of human beings, and they can struggle in the cracks.
Four generations of Mu Leiying Ai and Qirabi are the fastest people, but they didn’t stay away from Yunlei Gorge for the first time, but ensured that the distance was still safe and helped their companions to stay away from them as soon as possible. The two of them have knocked out three green wooden trunks and saved many people.
But it was as fast as thunder, and when the green branches attacked and killed them, it was a pity that the two of them were top film players and could not help.
Less than a kilometer is like a road that life can’t cross.
In the original work, the first time I made a wooden escape and hell chaos was to kill dozens of ninjas in Wuyin village on the spot, but there were many dark elites who were still killed by the bandits. At that time, the bandits had just been promoted to Zhongren, and even though the kaleidoscope had just been opened, sharingan also tried to make it possible. At most, it was a virtual body disease. At most, it was a ninja with a tolerance level.
At this time, the film level with soil plus fairy mode, columnar cells, possession of the white, and the four-fold addition of divine power now make the fairy method, Shenwei, Mudun and Hell Chaos base the power of conan the destroyer.
1+1+1+1=4 and is equivalent to 10,000.
That is to say, quadruple addition is actually multiple increase rather than simple accumulation.
Of course, it doesn’t mean that the magic power at this time is 10,000 times of the chaos in hell, but the bonus for Mu Dun Ninjutsu is also very impressive.
At the beginning, I saw that Lin’s strength broke out after her death, but it only killed dozens of fogs. At this time, the soil has killed Qian Yunren.
Python-like tree trunks and poisonous snake-like green branches have finally come out, and the water level has dropped to a very low level because they have all been evaporated into water vapor.
The platform covered by the roots of hell has been smashed to pieces, and there are no plants, even the wreckage is a pile of black ash.
Without the wooden trunk, there are still lively green branches from time to time, which is to take away the lives of several Yunren.
When there are more than 100 meters away from this natural disaster-ravaged area, despair enveloped everyone at this moment, including four generations of Mu Lei Ying Ai and Chirabi.
It’s thick trunks and small branches! ! !
Without warning, branches spewed out from the soles of the feet quickly and the area covered was … the whole Yunlei Gorge!
The mountains collapsed in the rolling wooden trunks, and all the clouds were swallowed up by the branches that spewed out like volcanic eruptions, and a short shrill scream suddenly resounded through the sky
One by one, Yunren was directly torn into pieces by trunks and branches.
At the last moment, you are greeted with a kaleidoscope. sharingan has a cold face.
It’s a strange feeling. When you look at his face with dirt, his eyes will enlarge, as if you can see clearly in an instant by shortening the distance of sight.
Then … the darkness swallowed them up.
Four generations of mu Lei Ying wrapped around chakra to form a thunder stream. Rabbi Chilubi also entered the bijuu mode, wearing a bijuu coat and struggling to resist the violent wooden tree trunk, and then both of them were unwilling to look forward to floating in the air.
"Despair …"
I have been calm and silent, and suddenly I spoke.
At this moment, heaven and earth seem to have lost the three-character sound left with soil, or the soil sound has covered heaven and earth in an instant.
"This illusory world should disappear!"
Four generations of Mu Leiying Ai and Chirabi didn’t speak or had a chance to speak, but they were wrapped in molten slurry to form two oval egg shapes, and then the waves formed by molten slurry patted the two’ eggs’ into the bottom of the molten slurry.
There is no chance to struggle when sinking … Lei Dun’s protective coat and bijuu’s coat can resist for a while, but they can’t resist the final outcome all the time, or they are eaten away by the molten slurry with terrible temperature.
Green wooden tree trunks roll over the lake, and the water surface becomes as green as vegetation, and the bottom is emitting green branches, which echo each other to form a picture as if the end is coming …
Carrying soil is the last lucky person to feel that the four generations of eyes, Lei Ying Ai and Ai Yi, have also been swallowed up by molten pulp, and the corners of their mouths are slightly hooked.
The doomsday scene is like a picture with nearly 10 thousand ashes, and the bones are broken into several pieces
At night, the stars become a river and the full moon is high in the sky.
Bright Yin Hui falls on the surface of the earth, reflecting beautiful light and shadow.
It is the only time when the mountain breeze passes by to form a whistling wind. At this time, everyone is silent and makes everything in Yunlei Gorge quiet.
Everyone’s eyes are closed, and their faces are frightened, desperate, unwilling and painful. Most Yunren’s face is as pale as blood.
Only two people stand out from the crowd when they are independent
These two men are a calm-faced, puzzled Quirrell.
"Are you under illusion?" Rabbi Quirrell looked disconsolate, even though he knew it was illusion, but he still asked it out, because he finally accepted bringing soil to make about 10,000 people join the Ministry with illusion.
How can such a thing be done?