"How dare he?" Gao Wu’s eyes stared at him and he didn’t believe anyone dared to attack their brother. Their father was a real government official.

"Shout …" Galway heavily spit out one mouthful smoke to watch the smoke gradually dispersed. He slowly said, "He dares."
After coming out of the galloping club, Lin Dong returned to the No.3 building of the Tang Provincial Party Committee normally. It was originally planned to play a few games of chess with Tang Shan, but Tang Shan didn’t come to see him, so forget it.
The next morning, although Tang Zhishan kept Lin Dong again and again, they rushed back to Shenzhen and Hong Kong. They left early. When Tang Lei sent Lin Dong to the door of Anyang police station, the class had not arrived at the most.
"See you later, Ringo." Tang Lei went to Dongyang this time, but he was addicted. He didn’t rest all night yesterday, and today he is still in high spirits.
"See you later" said Lin Dong, who has directly stepped into the police station. Tang Lei’s father, Tang Zhilin, came to Shenzhen to call a press conference. Now he has an appointment with Shenzhen in late Tang, winter and summer. Let’s talk about things here these days. Lin Dong is not too clear, but one thing is not worried. No one will bother him again.
Lin Dong, the doctor’s office, put the 12 drawings in his heart and calculated the remaining 24 drawings silently. If the 36 drawings are connected together, it will be like yesterday. Lin Dong asked Tan Mingrui to check a black widow. This black widow is mysterious, but according to various data, she should be strong and have many hands.
I also think of Mu Fang’s victory. Lin Dong temporarily suppressed the idea of going to find the black widow. Even the Secret Service suffered a loss. It is better to be cautious. His realistic power is gradually rising, and he is close to the peak of the human limit. With the in-depth study of acupuncture and acupoints, the fetal interest surgery is getting faster and faster. Many Lin Dong believe that he will soon be able to enter the human limit.
Just thinking about it, Lin Dong’s ear swept away with a slight hand, and suddenly the twelve acupuncture point maps disappeared like magic. I heard someone talking and walking in the distance, like going to a meeting, but one person’s footsteps came to him.
"Dangdang …" Gently knocking at the door before Lin Dong said that the door had already entered. It turned out that Liu Taiming, director of Anyang police branch, was in a very good mood with a smile on his face at the moment.
"Ha ha ….." Liu Taiming came in with a smile on his face. "Is it enough to rest these days? If not, just take a few more days to combine rest and rest."
Leaders take the initiative to come over and ask if you want to rest for a few more days. It is impossible for such a good leader Lin Dong to immediately get up and say, "Thank you, Liu Bureau. I have a good rest. Look at Liu Bureau’s all smiles. There must be something happy."
Chapter ninety-five Lucci’s death
"Ha ha ….." Liu Taiming looked at Lin Dong’s heart and casually looked at the medical room environment before saying, "Thanks to Lin Dong, you contacted our police station before the press conference. In addition to donating 30 million yuan to build a police brother school, we also built a new office building in Anyang police station and added the former Sun Zhen and Li Wencai cases. I, the acting director, finally got rid of the word, which can better lead our comrades and people in Anyang police station."
It’s still a dream that Liu Taiming stood there after the vice mayor of Shenzhen and Hong Kong, Chi Feng, finished speaking, and it happened that at the same time, Down’s group also sent the news out. They had bought this prescription and would call a press conference the next day.
Liu Taiming has never forgotten Chifeng’s shock at that time in the past few days. Later, the vice mayor of the main hall class quietly pulled up with Liu Taiming and waited for this meal until Liu Taiming ate it. Bai Chifeng wanted to find a way to apologize to Lin Dong himself. Of course, he still meant that his little brother Liao Zhanyu’s name was more than Liao Zhanyu’s donation to the police station.
At that time, Liu Taiming was puzzled by two monks. Although he knew that Lin Dong had some background, it seemed that the military Chifeng was, after all, the vice mayor of the main hall class. But later, he gradually realized that it was not Lin Dong’s answer that turned out to be the daughter of Tang Zhishan, the third real person in Donggang Province. Lin Dong went to see a doctor for Tang Zhishan.
And this Down’s medical group is Tang Zhishan’s younger brother, Tang Zhilin, buying and selling Liu Taiming. This is white. Regardless of ChiFengru’s worry about Liu Taiming, Down’s announced that after a series of mergers, he got the benefits, removed the generation word and officially became the director of Anyang police branch.
Liu Taiming has been thinking about this matter back and forth these days. He has no background to get to this point. Even he didn’t expect to think about it. Liu Taiming thought of such a way of speaking when he was loyal to his leader.
Will be grateful directly, will pick the words is the door to thank Lin Dong also directly touched Lin Dongguang himself.
"It’s ok to make moves." Lin Dong thought that he was not clear about these things, but because of this, he said that Tang Dongxia’s son was not an ordinary person, and he didn’t tell Lin Dong to take money directly to do things.
"Ha ha ….." Looking at Liu Taiming Lin Dong with a red face, he smiled faintly. "I am Liu Bureau, and your hand soldier should be my light."
"Everything belongs to the family" Liu Taiming smiled and said a few words with satisfaction. "Well, if you have anything, you can find me directly. I have my private mobile phone number and talk to my family. The office workers have to readjust. I have a meeting there, so I won’t talk to you."
Seeing Liu Taiming and Lin Dong go on with his business is nothing for Lin Dong, but it is a big thing for others in Anyang police station. At noon, Lao Zhang came running. Lao Zhang was very happy because of his excellent performance and performance, and Bai Yili helped him. In this adjustment, his position has been decided to be the vice captain of the criminal police, and Bai Yili is better. She has now become the youngest deputy director of Shenzhen and Hong Kong Branch and the detachment leader of the criminal police.
Even Zina has been promoted to deputy section chief. Everyone was dizzy by this series of changes, but soon someone found out the problem. The people who got the key this time were all Lin Dong’s good friends and the last few people who went with Lin Dong.
Lao Zhang came to ask Lin Dong about it at noon and told him that everyone would get together in the evening. Unfortunately, Lin Dong had already made an appointment with Tang Dongxia and them to push it back one day.
Lao Zhang, they don’t understand and wonder Lin Dong himself. This change can’t be done by Liu Taiming alone, especially Bai Yili, the deputy director. Although she is the last deputy director, she has also broken the record.
It was not until half a year later that I met Chifeng Chifeng at a cocktail party that Lin Dongcai knew that he and Tang Shan didn’t mean anything, but a word caused many changes.
But Lao Zhang asked about Lin Dong at this time, but he didn’t know. But Lin Dong said that he didn’t believe Lao Zhang. He smiled and told him that he was going to press with Bai Yili and Zena.
They haven’t been promoted for so many years like Lindongdu police station. Lao Zhang also took it at noon and was chased away by words for a while.
Although Lin Dong knows what they will get promoted, it doesn’t seem important to him. His friends are getting better and better, and he is naturally happy with them.
Because Liu Taiming officially became the director of Anyang police station, there was a list of personnel changes in the station. The police station can be said to be happy and sad, but for Lin Dong, today everyone is thinking about the day as they celebrate.
As soon as Lin Dong left the office building in the afternoon, he saw Zina leading a group of children to the inside. Zina’s face was full of sadness without any joy of promotion.
He held a five-year-old girl in his arms, followed by seven children from nine to sixteen, all of whom had tears in their eyes.
"Lin Dong ….." See Lin Dong out JiNa slightly stare blankly in a tone with a gaunt and strength.
"What’s the matter?" Lin Dong looked at these orphanage children. "How did they come?"
"Lucci … had an accident. His last wish was to see these children’s homes …" Speaking of which, Qina became choked up.
"No, dad won’t die …"