Although Mu Cha and others are outnumbered, Wu Ming is not afraid of it now, but he can’t resist him at the moment.

Twenty-four days, the old turtle surrounded here. Hong Haier suddenly lost his mind to escape. I killed that guy so well that I went to the Bodhisattva and then found a chance to run back to the Flame Mountain.
But then the old turtle suddenly approached Hong Haier in human form.
"Little boy, you are a good and wealthy boy appointed by the Bodhisattva. Come with me to see the Bodhisattva, and the season will be the same as heaven, earth, sun and moon." The old turtle laughed.
Who are you kidding? The sun and the moon are ancient, so how can I be the same as them?
Hong Haier always thinks that this fellow is up to no good, or wait for the winner in the field. Besides, what kind of honour person thing is too bad to win others.
Old turtle is cold hum grabbed Hong Haier one by one.
Hong Haier immediately eat pain this fellow with great strength!
"Let me go, old turtle!"
The old turtle is unmoved and takes out a gold hoop. When it changes, five people wear Hong Haier’s neck and limbs.
Chapter 377 Tianshi successful lively yellow flower view
Wu Ming looked at this scene during the period, and his eyes suddenly became more murderous.
"It makes me very angry that the venerable master is behaving like this."
Mu Cha also looked at the opportunity to sneak attack and bully a child. The old turtle frowned, but at present, the most important thing is to complete the Bodhisattva decree to bring back the good boy.
"Daoyou, I’m sorry. I’ll apologize in person when I come to Japan."
That old turtle took the opportunity to give Hong Haier a gold hoop and immediately locked him.
"What is this?" Hong Haier’s little face was flushed with suppress, and he opened his mouth to spit out a true fire of samadhi. The old turtle also dared not fight hard and immediately stepped aside.
He did an errand, however. Hong Haier was automatically bound by a gold hoop, and his hands and feet could not move. Instead of struggling, he aroused ferocity. If he was not so humiliated, he would go to the bodhisattva to hide, but now he is not going.
Old turtle, anyone who dares to approach is a true fire of samadhi.
"Honorable person, please recite the mantra!" The old turtle shouted that the golden hoop mantra Buddha told Mu Cha alone.
"Defending the Mountain God and Blocking the Road Friends"
Black bear essence immediately marksmanship sharp stop Wu wooden fork jumped aside to recite a spell.
Wu Ming didn’t worry much when he saw this. The teacher had left the means Hong Haier.
Mu Cha pinched tactic chanting Hong Haier suddenly felt that the five hoops were painful, but at this moment, the golden light on his chest flashed and his limbs and neck immediately stopped hurting, and the five hoops also put his hands and feet.
Hong Haier was overjoyed. Although this golden lock can’t solve the golden hoop, it can be locked tightly and can’t exert its power. Immediately, he read "Brother thank humbly Tianshi".
Jumping up with joy, I immediately saw that the old turtle was dumbfounded, banging his nose with two fists and suddenly spewing smoke and burning the old turtle for twenty-four days.
Wu Ming was relieved to see this. Teacher, where did the golden lock come from?
But then, no matter how to get rid of the black bear’s fine big sleeves, the twenty-four heavens were immediately taken away by him, and even the old turtle failed to escape
Huian honour person black bear essence hurriedly avoided.
"What magical power is this?" The black bear scratched his head to see if the hoop was forbidden, but I couldn’t beat it. Why didn’t anyone send a gold lock to my old bear at the beginning
Knowing this failure, Mu Cha stood aside and shouted, "Daoyou is waiting for me to lose this time, please return me!"
General Wu has been breathing fire everywhere in Hong Haier. When he comes back, he is dishonest and wants to sneak away.
"That turtle can’t be returned to him!" Hong Haier honest a lot at the moment, but heard Mu Cha VIP and bold said.
Wu Ming nodded his head to deal with the bear child. You can’t just suppress him. Giving him a stick is the optimal solution.
With a wave of his hand, the heavens were thrown out by Wu Ming.
Mu Cha saw this and said that the old turtle was also released.
"Please go back, venerable sir. I can’t spare him so easily and I won’t hurt his life." Wu Ming said.
Huian honour person smell speech also nodded, but people promised not to hurt their lives and changed their contentment.
"I offended the little monk and excused myself."
Then he led the black bear spirit back to the South China Sea for twenty-four days to visit Guanyin Bodhisattva.
After the gods of Putuo Mountain left, the second Yuan God of Wu in the far distance also immediately fled.
Glancing at Hong Haier, he shouted, "Let’s go back with me."
Soon after, I passed Qian Shan Yuntou and saw the huge Pu making tree, and the two of them fell into the cloud and fell into the view.
"Yellow flower view? Hey, aren’t you a monk? " Hong Haier doubt way
Wu Ming this just dispersed Buddha’s light to reveal the truth.
"Is it you! ?”
Hong Haier remembered that he met a man who claimed to be his uncle when he was practicing in Flame Mountain and was taught a lesson. I didn’t expect to meet him again today.
Wu Ming gave him a look and ignored the bears. They no longer don’t know where to go, but immediately walked into the courtyard gate and went straight into the Sanqing Hall.
"Come and kowtow to Sanqing Tianzun first."
Hong Haier has a lot of questions in his heart, but he can also do incense and kowtow according to the words at the moment
After Wu Ming finished, he said, "Hong Haier, you and I are destined to accept you. Will you?"
Hong Haier heard a pair of big eyes and turned round and round, but it was also appropriate to learn all these things and go to the Sun Walker to settle accounts.
Immediately, I said, "Master and brother are willing."
Although I know that this guy must have ulterior motives, Wu Ming said that there is no problem. He really wants to cultivate Hong Haier. Otherwise, it would be better than saying that this result is better than Guanyin Bodhisattva’s fairy tale.
"You get up first. I want to accept you as my official brother. I still need to ask my ancestors to set an auspicious day to invite some friends to watch the ceremony."
Hong Haier can’t help but give birth to some strange feelings that seem to be taken seriously.
"Hey Master, are you a monk or a Taoist?" Hong Haier took the opportunity to ask the monk if he wanted to shave his head and stop the scar.
Wu Ming pointed to his cassock and bowed his hand to the three Buddha statues. Do you still want to ask?
Just then, the bear led the four children, Chaoyue, Canxing and Ginseng Doll, all the way into the courtyard.
The bear ran all the way with his short legs upside down, but he was accidentally rolled by the threshold to Sanqing Buddha’s foot and hurriedly knocked on it for three heads before he got up and walked beside Wu Ming.
His four little dolls kowtowed to the Buddha and walked beside Wu Ming.
Wu Ming touched its bear head and asked, "What are you doing these days?"
Speaking of this little bear, he immediately said angrily, "Sir, you don’t know that many monsters have recently come into our mountain to bully those elves. I led them to the moon and they beat them away."
"oh? There are monsters coming from the west? "
"Master, who is this child?" Bear this just found that someone asked
Hong Haier also stared at the bear with great interest to see what kind of bear it was. Never seen it before.
"He is a teacher who will accept his brother’s nickname, Hong Haier Daming Niu Shengying. Get familiar with it."
"Good" two guys each promised.
Bear can receive a younger brother again!
Hong Haier, this bear can be taken as a hand to get familiar with the situation here!
Wu Ming sent everyone to see the flames and smoke in the distance in a short time, but he didn’t pay much attention to the bear’s purple bell, which is unlikely to suffer.
Actually, the bear didn’t suffer. After the two guys walked out of the view, they scrambled to be the other boss. Hong Haier wanted to bully the bear and repair the low, but unexpectedly, the bear took the purple bell and almost burned him silly.
Why can’t anyone beat me in this samadhi fire?
What road number should I give Hong Haier?
Nanhai chaoyindong