Because Qingwei stands outside Lei Yun and is surrounded by Tianwei, others can faintly see a map of destroying the sky and destroying the ground. From time to time, generate debuts, ending the sword light, crushing the thunder fire and strangling the cloud, and there is no sign of any decline.

Every one can easily hit the fairy and rob the thunder, but it can’t shake the array at all. It is generally obvious that this treasure is so horrible!
Yanzhou direction
Abandoning the sacred heart, the eyes are cold and the face is slightly dignified. "Is this array a formal achievement today? What was that then? "
"It’s a good thing that a good man from God helped to hold the top thunder that day, and you need to thank him in the future."
Taimonty in Liuzhou Xiaoshura slowly opened his eyes and looked at the East China Sea. His eyes narrowed slightly. "Is it good to kill the immortal sword array … only when he inherited Taimonty’s position? Is he so good at it?"
"It’s really extraordinary to have a horrible atmosphere just at the fairy level."
Eyes turned to look at the west polar hidden evil Buddha couldn’t help showing two smiles. "Power has come again, and many things are difficult to control. He is estimated to be tempted to make moves just in time to take a look."
Chapter seven hundred and forty-three Heaven helps God.
A black thunder curtain in heavy purple seems to have a heavenly palace. In the evolution of Leifu, the celestial god will punish the immortals with all kinds of magic weapons on behalf of heaven, and bow down to the gods’ array.
However, in the face of such a strong enough to obliterate one side, four illusory sword gates emerge outside the array, and the four swords move together to derive the final force.
After robbing seven times, there is still no tendency to dissipate. Qing Wei had expected this, but he could not hold the hearts of onlookers on all sides.
Not to mention the increasingly heavy, intimidating robbery cloud, even the figure of the whole fairy array is not damaged at all. The end of the rhyme is rich, and it is even more remarkable to rob the thunder and refine itself.
If there is a fierce magic weapon in heaven and earth, it will also lead to a heavenly punishment, but the five or six heavy punishments will be almost the same.
"It’s the heaviest blow. Every thunder and fire contains a heavenly punishment. It’s hard for you and me to get one at this level, but it’s a big guy!"
Bi yue Jian pai zhong
Disaster and Biyue, two immortals, were awakened from the meditation and saw the lively disaster in the East China Sea. The immortals couldn’t help feeling.
In recent years, Bi Yue Xian Jun has recovered a lot, especially after Yin Yue Shen Palace. At this time, he withdrew his eyes and smiled indifferently. "Qingwei Taoist friends have great luck, but this treasure is really extraordinary."
"I heard that the severe punishment caused by the birth of the Great Demon Temple in Taimo Palace directly achieved the perfection of the fairy’s complete ban on the law."
In the eyes of the disaster fairy, it seems a little rewarding to watch the changes in the East China Sea. "But the level of this treasure may not be so high …"
"The sword and the figure are integrated into one, which coincides with the circulation of heaven and earth. Even if it can’t reach the perfection of the fairy, it doesn’t affect the potential. In the future, a magic weapon of a sublime shenzhou war will be completely achieved."
Bi Yue Xian Jun’s eyebrows are born in the lunar essence, and the tone of God’s eyes is quite sighing.
Disaster fairy gentleman smell speech ha ha a smile "this is a good thing! Qing Xiaoyou is a man of the time. Holding this treasure is also good for us to protect the Tao and remove evil spirits from the right path. "
They also showed enough confidence in Qingwei in their conversation.
They are living in a new era in old bones, and now they are bent on restoring and striving for a breakthrough as soon as possible.
The situation is extremely difficult, but now heaven and earth allow it to be much better than medieval times.
At this time, the two men’s eyebrows were wrinkly, and they saw that the number of purple thunder fires in the East China Sea evolved into one side, and the emperor held the heavenly punishment and went straight to the figure of Zhu Xian Array.
This is the last attack of the heaviest punishment!
Qing Wei is also refreshed at this time, but he can also choose to believe in his own providence
At this time, the power of the scourge has intervened at random, and I can’t say that even no one can eat it, and neither can I add a fairy symbol.
The road map of the heavenly punishment is illusory, but it makes people dare not take it lightly
The figure of Zhu Xian array with the four swords of Zhu Xian has long been waiting for the sword array to sacrifice, and the virtual destruction scene will end and the road force will wreak havoc.
"This treasure is just like my nine secluded paths!"
All evil becomes a heavy shadow hidden in the rocks of the East China Sea, feeling the power of collision, and the eyes seem to give birth to a kind of desire and greed, which seems to be irrepressible together
Sit tight in the small shura world, too monty smiled, and the illusory The Machine dispersed. Don’t say that the reincarnation leader is really enough to send a good tool to come and visit Lei.
Donghai Sea
Just see the end of the virtual destruction avenue, the scene is facing the punishment, and the whole sea area seems to be silent in an instant.
Then I felt that the legal principle collided with the road, and the real fire burst into chaos. The road was constantly stable and turbulent, and I could see the mystery of heaven and earth.
In the surprise eyes of everyone, the four swords in the array figure ended the French Open and enveloped the array figure.
The heavens will destroy the era, where will there be a punishment?
Destroy it together!
Blue, red, black and white, four colors of destruction, sword light suppression, road map, dragon array map, surging avenue, ending power, obliterating.
There seems to be a click resounding through the whole world, and everyone’s shocked eyes are directly refined into themselves and the four swords by the array!
Shenzhouxing Taiyin Guxing recuperate Yinyue Goddess’s eyes are gloomy as water.
"They all suffered a lot from the robbery. The old and the weak have lost me. I just hope to see them soon … ouch!"
The tattoo of the hand god is a hot burning, and the goddess of the Yin Moon has a sharp pain in body and mind. She dare not think about it, even she can’t secretly scold the Sun Taitai.
It’s dark here, and it’s very deep in contraction. It’s even more obvious that the penalty force of the figure of God seems to drop again.
However, the severe punishment has passed the present situation of heaven and earth, and the nine-fold doom has long been invisible. This time it should be over.
as expected
The follow-up fatigue of the robbery cloud generally converges to a certain extent, and it is difficult to climb again after a sudden relaxation.
It seems that the sky is going to clear up, and the atmosphere is a little loose. The clouds slowly dissipate, and the smile in Zhongqing will be exhibited in the future. Then I feel an inexplicable coercion suddenly robbing Yun Shenchu.
The original is to dissipate the cloud and instantly converge into a majestic black eye. One day, Xing Blade flies out like a man of god and goes straight to Zhu Xian Array.
All over the sky, the clouds immediately dispersed, which seemed very sudden and strange, but it was quiet and ignored.
Pangu Zan appeared in his hand and tried to stop a wave of heavenly punishment blades, but that thing was not only creepy in power, but also directly looked at the clear interception without hurting him and went straight to the array.
"What is this? The ninth day of punishment? Still the heaviest? "
It’s not surprising that all the people have come to the sudden change. The great Buddha has to stop himself instantly, and his eyes reveal indecision and uncertainty.
"The scourge blade? It can be a long time gone. "