With the sadness in the chest, Yang night gradually felt a fresh force, and it kept pouring out and flowing through her body.

This feeling is amazing. I can actually feel my energy increase and my strength increase. Although everything is going on in silence like stillness, Yang Ye can really feel the strange changes in every organ, blood vessel, tendon and even every bone of my body.
The power of memory, sadness and calmness, and a kind of self-evident feeling, perseverance, calmness and obedience.
Besides, I haven’t changed my memory, my mind and my body.
This is also true that Yang Ye has been worried that he is afraid that if he really finds a miracle and gets the emblem of God, he will become another person and become a ghost family.
Now this kind of worry is gone. I’m a ghost, and I’m Yang Ye.
Nothing has changed.
The strength is still growing, and the body is shaking slightly, and there are wonderful changes that can’t be seen. Yang Ye took a long breath and looked down.
His collar mouth has just been torn in the dying struggle.
At the moment, the ghost emblem on the chest has become a little strange. At the moment, the original round ghost emblem seems to overlap with the square god emblem and print its chest into a hexagonal pattern, and the grain and symbol on the badge surface have also changed slightly.
Eyes shining, chest and body suddenly burst into veins, blood vessels have subsided, but that power is still emerging and constantly everywhere.
"Shua" a red light flashes! When the power reached the left arm, the hidden blade was stretched out on its own, and it was more than two feet long. At this moment, the hidden blade was turned into bright red with dazzling red light, and some decorative symbols appeared on the blade body, which was particularly clear.
Close your eyes slightly, take a long breath, and Yang Ye’s left hand gently holds the hidden blade, and the red refining obediently shrinks back to the arm, and the power gradually stops surging and spreading, and everything is calm again.
Trying to take a step with light feet and carefree body didn’t feel much special.
The arched stone table in front of Yang Ye suddenly collapsed when he felt it carefully! It became a pile of fine powder! Yang night one leng hurried down to look at this only to find that the slabs on the ground were cracked one by one.
What the hell just happened?
Yang night a surprised trance-this just suddenly thought of mercy valley! What about Ciren Valley? Didn’t he just attack me?
Thinking about rushing around and looking for a glance, I saw the heap not far behind me, leaning against the wall and sitting flat in Ciren Valley! There is blood in the corner of his mouth, his eyes are slightly closed and his head is tilted to one side.
"Ciren Valley!" Yang night let out a cry and ran past, feeling that his brain had just reached Cirengu as soon as he thought about it. This speed is amazing!
Bend over to Yang night stretched out his hand to help the CiRenGu hesitated a light call way "CiRenGu CiRenGu? Are you still alive? "
CiRenGu slowly opened his eyes and saw Yang night one eye corners of the mouth slightly become warped thin said "ha ha incredibly didn’t die completely unlucky! Red Bi, please give me another punch. Thanks. "
"What did you say?" Yang Ye had some accidents because when Ci Ren Gu opened his eyes, Yang Ye could already see that this was not the evil original Ci Ren Gu.
CiRenGu hum a smile gently sighed and leaned back against the wall of Shi Zhuan and said, "Thank you, Red Bi. Thank you so much for making me a descendant of the hidden blade again." He said and moved back slightly. "When you said that just now, I woke up, but the evil body in my heart was not completely suppressed … I knew that after you got the emblem of God, there would be a fusion and mutation process. It turned out that the old body would explode and generate huge energy. I just wanted to get close to you at that moment, just to blow myself up. I know.
Yang night leng there listening to CiRenGu words don’t know whether to be happy or sad.
"I didn’t expect that I didn’t die, but the explosion of your old original body completely blew away my evil original body. He can’t get together anymore and can’t control my mind and body. It’s lucky in misfortune. At least let me die when I die. I died in my original body." Cirengu said that her voice was a little weak, and she slowly raised her eyelids and took a look at Yang Night and said, "Red Bi, do me a favor and give me a lift. I showed up and it hurt badly. Give me a ride."
Yang night body Yishan looked at CiRenGu fierce a glaring immediately calm to low said "I save you" talking has stretched out his hand and grabbed the CiRenGu hand slowly shipped up the ability.
Ci Rengu stared blankly for a few minutes, but she had no strength anymore. She said, "Don’t save me. It’s worthless. We used to be enemies. Your kindness will hurt you."
Yang night looked up at Cirengu and replied, "I am kind to my friends."
Cirengu instantly stare big eyes, and then eyes dim and soft to that kind of eyes to say don’t warm waves rippling.
Nan Rong Huan can’t find the trace of the smokers drifting in Hunan. There is smoke all around him.
At this time, Nanrong Magic realized that he had been tricked! Just now, it’s all a fake that I’ve been occupying the wind and chasing the Hunan department.
That smoker drifts away from Nan Rong’s magic osteotome attack, and at the same time it’s actually a layout! Nan Ronghuan fights with him. There is a smoke house in this water area!
After several twists and turns, the face of Xiang finally laughed completely and floated to the front of Nan Rong Magic to raise my hand. "You are dead this time."
"What nonsense!" Nan Rong Magic didn’t hesitate to chop the knife with a knife. The wind flashed with white light, and Xiang hurriedly dodged to one side. He was still taboo about attacking him with a bone knife.
However, as soon as the body dodged, the arms of Xiang Ma Zhan quickly sank and quickly lifted. In an instant, Nan Rong Magic and Piaoxiang fought against each other, and the smoke instantly rose from several places in this sea area, which was not affected by the seawater at all, as if it were in a water zone, and it slowly drifted away and soon enveloped this sea area.
Nan Rong’s phantom line of sight is blocked, but he can hear Piaoxiang laughing wildly, but he can’t be seen. He can be chopping away at the unknown around him by waving two osteotome with his feelings.
While the smokers will not be affected by the smoke, the sight is still clear, and the smoke is the best barrier, so he jumped around and dodged the bone knife attack in this smoke, and at the same time kept approaching the south glory illusion.
Nan Rong Phantom’s arms waved osteotome and cut it towards the front. Suddenly, he felt a slight change in the water wave behind him. Just as he was about to turn back, it was too late. Xiang kicked Nan Rong Phantom’s back hard, and then Nan Rong Phantom swooped forward. At the same time, he raised his feet and kicked Nan Rong Phantom’s back continuously, which was even deeper in the muffled water.
Out of the foot, Nan Rong Phantom didn’t even feel the chance to turn around and fight back. His chest felt a twinge of tightness, and finally he made a desperate effort to suddenly turn around and cross out with one hand and bone knife!
But gone with the wind Xiang has already fled, and there is a piece of smoke behind him
"Gone with the wind xiang! You come out! Just compete! " South glory magic some angry one hand raised a osteotome round eyes shouted.
Just after shouting, my chest was suddenly stuffy again, and then one mouthful blood poured out of my mouth.
It seems that a few feet have just been kicked by Gone with the Wind Xiang.
Nan Rong Phantom is more furious, holding two osteotome and staring around, looking for panting and paying attention to the slight movement in the corner around him.