"Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.

Gu Fan’s face once again looked surprised and anxious, and his heart could not help cursing. He never thought that this magic mouse could be so clever. Even this hard method could be thought of. Destroying the tree not only made him lose the use of things, but also made his speed blocked by the tree. Kill two birds with one stone.
"Good hearing Warcraft seems that the third level of Warcraft is not only stronger than the second level of Warcraft, but even this spiritual wisdom is also a lot of hearing." Gu Fan’s heart is dark and scolded. He knows that it is also a problem that he has escaped being chased by the magic mouse. Is it really necessary to make every effort to die with this magic mouse? This is obviously a lift.
Gu Fan’s brain turned quickly and thought about how to solve this crisis. He was absolutely unwilling to choose a lose-lose strategy, which depended on the dangerous dark forest. He didn’t dare to take the risk! But the form seems to develop in the worst direction. When Gu Fan thinks hard, it’s in vain that two powerful energy fluctuations come from behind him. Gu Fan’s head doesn’t return. When he stamped his feet, the whole person jumped. Those two energies almost grazed his feet and bombarded the giant tree pole that fell in front of Gu Fan.
"You can’t be so passive, just fight! You must do it quickly!" It’s really a pity that he can’t think of a better way to make up his mind in Gufan’s mind
Immediately in the body, the eyes of the magic mouse suddenly set up with the golden soul flame, and the signs came crashing. The heat made people tremble and the speed of terror rose with golden stripes, and the soul flame danced wildly, which was so bright and dazzling that it was almost destructive. The energy surged out of the soul flame and ravaged all directions!
Since he decided to recklessly fight, Gufan didn’t leave his hand, and even didn’t easily move the golden stripes, which was his greatest card. At this time, the golden soul flame was much hotter and stronger than usual, and it was blurred and distorted after too much gas. The most obvious thing was that the scattered leaves around him directly turned into ashes, and even the burning process went. It can be seen that at this time, Gufan’s surroundings reached a degree of heat and the soul flame was powerful!
To continue to attack Gufan, the prickly magic mouse suddenly stopped looking at the inexplicable golden soul flame in front of Gufan. For the first time, there was a look of horror in its small eyes, and the whole body trembled for a while. After a while, it slowly retreated a few steps. Although it was ferocious, it still revealed a taboo expression.
As the soul flame energy becomes more and more violent, the prickly magic mouse seems to be gaining something. In the small eyes, it is rendered by a white brilliance, and the fine mans are constantly flowing. If it is to be turned into substance, the long nose and mouth are generally wilting.
"Go to hell, beast!" When the temperature of the soul flame reached its peak and could no longer be sublimated, Gufan opened his mouth in vain to drink, and then the golden soul flame dragged out a long golden tail like a hot sun and bombarded the magic mouse like a flash. The power was full of destruction!
"hey!" At the same time, the sharp growl of the magic mouse also followed the explosion of two white energy ferocity in its eyes, which was as strong as that of the trembling gas.
If you compare the energy just emitted by the magic mouse to a silver needle, then these two energies can be compared to a bucket, which is too bulky and too powerful. This is really shortsighted!
Soon, the golden soul flame and the thickness energy of the two buckets collided with each other, shaking the mountains and shaking the noise all over the area. At the same time, the giant trees of 100 meters collapsed in a circle, and the strong gas lang impacted in all directions, and the green leaves blown by the gas lang were instantly incinerated by the heat!
It’s even more terrible than the last fight between Ci Gufan and Mu Angran. Too many cracks have fallen into the ground like collapse, and the naked eye can see the speed spread rapidly. "Snow" sounded in several consecutive blood spurts and saw a figure flying backwards like a dead leaf in a strong wind. Blood blossomed everywhere he passed.
It took dozens of meters for Gufan to smash the ground, and the corners of his mouth kept bleeding. His face became as pale as white paper, and his body could not help but tremble. It can be seen how much shock this pair of Gufan suffered.
On the other hand, the condition of the magic mouse on the other side has no advantage over that of the ancient one, and it has also been shaken out for tens of meters. At this time, the magic mouse’s eyes are constantly flowing with bright red blood, and its mouth is full of blood. It can’t stop overflowing and its hair is as hard and powerful as barbs. At this moment, it is drooping. The whole look is gone, but it is bleak.
This pair of magic rats, both of which suffered losses, were no less injured than Gu Fan, but it seemed that it was half a catty, and the result was that Gu Fan won, which proved that the soul flame of Gu Fan was stronger than the powerful blow of the hairy magic rats.
Don’t forget that the hairy magic mouse is a third-class Warcraft with a powerful body far superior to that of the monks at the same level, and Gu Fan is now a spiritual teacher and a four-star spiritual practitioner, and the body is nothing like the magic mouse. It can achieve such an effect. Gu Fan is full of pride!
There is a big boundary and a full five-star gap, and at the same time, the strongest blow is played head-to-head, which leads to such a result. Today, an ancient person who can make a shocking performance can form an aura. People who can leapfrog the challenge stand proudly and look down on their peers and jump over such a big boundary gap. It is almost incredible that this situation appears!
It’s no exaggeration to say that even if talented people come forth in large numbers, talented people and ghosts count the aura, the mainland can achieve the ancients. I don’t know how many it can be, but it can definitely be said that it is rare!
The whole area was silent, and it was a mess. Gu Fan and the magic mouse lay there for a long time without any movement, and they couldn’t hear him around except the slight wind.
People have been out of the peripheral area, which can be said to be few and far between, and I don’t know if there is Warcraft nearby. I’m afraid even if there is, it has already been scared to flee by the violent bombing just now, unless there is still a third-level Warcraft hidden around, but the third-level Warcraft is not rooted everywhere. At least this piece is far from the depths of the dark forest. It is impossible!
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I don’t know how long it’s been, maybe a moment, maybe half an hour. Gu Fan gently opened his eyes and became pale. He felt that the magic mouse was struggling in the distance. He couldn’t help but sigh. This beast is so strong that it didn’t kill it.
Immediately, Gu Fan also dared not delay much, endured the pain all over, and got up with difficulty. A shake and a touch showed that he was weak at this time and gently touched the blood at the corner of his mouth. He now regrets that he didn’t refine the Ju Ling Zhu and the Ning Ling Zhu for the first time, or else he can make a big difference now!
Shook his head, Gufan took out an aura bead from the ring of primitive simplicity and swallowed it. Now there is no aura bead, no poly-spirit bead, but it is better than nothing.
Looking at the messy and miserable situation in this area, Gu Fan looked across the collapse pit and looked at the magic mouse across the street. Seeing the magic mouse looking at himself, his eyes were full of fear and his nature was timid. He was scared by himself and slowly backed away to see if he wanted to escape.
However, it is not so badly injured that it wobbles when walking. Seeing this situation, the corners of the mouth of Gufan evoke a sneer. It seems that these four words are as timid as a mouse. There is a source. Even the third-class Warcraft hairy magic mouse can be so timid. Doesn’t it see that it is also a spent force?
Although seriously injured, it’s a big fight, and now everything is desperate. Would Gu Fanru let the magic mouse escape from the bottom of his eyelids? Now that you have decided to fight to the death, you must fight to the death. Gu Fan is confident that he has that ability and he still has a fighting force!
"Want to go? You can’t leave today. Do I always knead soft persimmons at will? Chasing me would be your stupidest move, but you don’t have much chance to regret it! " Gu Fan dragged his sword and walked slowly in the direction of the magic mouse with bare feet. His face was full of murder!
And the magic mouse’s eyes are even more frightened and afraid, and the color is thicker and thicker. Immediately, he turned around and ran to the distance without hesitation, but the speed was not as fast as just now.
Gufan doesn’t hurry, his steps are still slow, and the sneer at his mouth is a little chilling. When he reached the edge of the pit, he stopped, staring straight at the magic mouse sword shaking to escape, and slowly lifted it.
It’s natural to move very gently and slowly, but the momentum of Gufan’s whole person soared at this moment, and a pale silver brilliance, his long sword stopped at that moment and burst out of his arm, stabbing the night bright.
Then a gold and silver sword penetrated and came out. The penetrating power made the tremor with a shock wave. lang pointed at the distant magic mouse and went away as fast as a flash in the thunder, which would bombard the magic mouse!
"hey!" The magic mouse felt the crisis and roared with fear. It quickly turned around and shot two lights in its eyes. It was short-sighted!
Although these two beams of light energy were not as strong as just now, they were not too weak. They hit the gold and silver sword by mistake. There was no huge roar. There was a "scoff" sound that also made people’s scalp numb. Seeing that the two beams of light energy failed to stop the sharp power of the gold and silver sword, they were directly stabbed to kill the sword and continue to stab the head of the magic mouse. However, there is no denying that the power of the sword was also reduced by this stop!
"poof!" The magic mouse didn’t dodge, but it slightly deviated from a head, but the body was directly penetrated by a sword and a blood hole appeared with the magic mouse screaming with pain.