At this time, when he was bitter, his body had collided tightly with Dai Rexi’s body. He could smell Dai Rexi’s breath, and he had never been so close to a fan when he started work.

Dai Ruoxi moved up at this time. When her left hand was bitter, her left hand went to her jaw once. This time, when it was going to be bitter, West Asia didn’t exert any force. The strength of her left hand was unloaded, and she made a fist from the elbow, almost hitting the fist against her body. When she was bitter, her left elbow hit his left arm outside the body, and Dai Ruoxi’s right elbow closed her heart and sent it forward.
Her left hand is on her right elbow, and she punches into a phoenix eye and punches it with the elbow.
When he was bitter, he tried his best to attack nature again at this time, but when he wanted to lift his knees, he found that they were too close together. If he dared to lift his legs, he would fall down by himself.
Before he recovered from the shock of being tied up, he felt a sudden pain in his heart, followed by another pain. Dai Ruoxi hit him almost at the same time before and after one elbow and one punch. I didn’t expect this girl to be so strong that he had a heartbreaking feeling.
Just when his mind was pulled by pain, Dai Ruoxi’s right elbow went to recover his right fist, and it bounced back as soon as it bounced. The goal was that he stared at the boss’s eyes, and when he felt bitter, he felt dizzy at the sight of Venus, and he couldn’t tell the southeast from the northwest. He felt that his right eye had been beaten and swollen. This was still Dai Ruoxi’s ability to leave her hand as a girl and put it on Xie Cunguan or Bai Zhigang and others. This punch must be used to beat the eyeball.
Dai Ruoxi’s right fist doesn’t return to her fist after closing her eyes, so the right hand knife cuts it and wipes it with her right arm. At the same time, her right elbow turns into a turn, and as her feet progress, she destroys her horizontal elbow like a knife, and she lays it horizontally in her heart when she is suffering. When she is suffering, she feels that her heart is burning like fire, and one mouthful of blood is sprayed out.
But Dai Rexi seems to have expected that he raised his left hand and blocked it in front of his mouth when he took a bite of blood, while Dai Rexi’s right shoulder was hard planted and hit his heart with one arm.
This arm will play hard when it is bitter, and it can’t even retreat. It just plops in place and sits down on the ground.
Dai Ruoxi stepped back, his left hand was full of bitterness, and he spit out blood when he was breathing.
When sitting on the ground and suffering, another mouthful of blood gushed out, and then he plopped down and fell down, even losing his strength. At that time, the Taiwanese were stunned. From the moment they started to suffer, they didn’t make progress, so they put their hands in the same place, and then punched Dai Ruoxi, elbowed his shoulder and leaned against it for five dozen times in a row, and then vomited blood.
Let Taiwanese people have an illusion for a while. This guy is a Taiwanese performance vomiting blood!
There was silence at first, and then I heard many sailors and uncles say "Yo, your sister!" Cried loudly. This is too different from people’s hearts.
Xie Cun officer looked at the still petite figure and couldn’t help but give me a bitter smile on my face.
Dai Ruoxi’s kung fu is significantly better than that of the former handsome! This person never shows his nobles in front of him, but the kung fu girl is stubborn in her bones, although she looks like a bad person. It may not be able to play at this level if she asks herself to go to Taiwan.
She calculated everything so much that she didn’t want the dirty blood to spray on her face when she was bitter. She changed the slap in the throat to gag.
Hades screamed at the top of his lungs in the opposite cave. "Get up! Get up and continue to beat you bastard! " His heart is bleeding, and his family property has shrunk by more than half in this instant. Everyone else in the cave looked at him sympathetically, thinking about Kan Kan just before the game and talking about what a good opportunity to speculate. Everyone didn’t feel funny at all.
"There is a saying in China martial arts that women, old people and children should be careful …" Shibata Hiroshi murmured tunnel.
"Your sister!" Everyone who bet in the cave looked at this so-called China expert with disdain. "I didn’t see you just now!" to be continued
Chapter sixty-six The lazy dragon lies on the path of Teng Yuan.
Dai Ruoxi, those who were in moral aid in this win field, took a bet on her after winning, calculated the economic account, and then took a bitter bet. The winners could not help but regret that they won their conscience and money. As a result, their conscience won half of the money but lost, because regardless of winning or losing, the casino always charged a lottery.
Of course, some people won excitement and screamed, as if they had just called up that Ross and forced his drunken voice into the eardrum of people’s ears again. "Good little sister! I won, I actually won, and my possessions doubled … "It turned out that this man was drunk and on the spur of the moment bet all his body property on Dai Rexi, but Dai Rexi really won.
Of course, not everyone cries out like this one. Although many people don’t scream, their expressions of uncontrollable snickering have exposed their winning or losing.
Of course, Lin Bing not only won a lot of money, but also won the first game of gambling with Malays in a private party. Why don’t Malays invite boxers to make him ecstatic?
In the discussion, Dai Ruoxi has walked out of the cage and returned to their cave.
At this time, Zheng Xiuqing rushed to her and kept asking, "How did you do it, good sister?" Good sister, how did you do it? How did you win that man so easily? That man is very famous in Surabaya! " Others don’t know about Bitter Ha, but she is a Surabaya person and loves martial arts fighting since she was a child. Naturally, she knows how powerful this proud brother of Hades is, not to mention that she is her father. Whether Zheng Li can win Bitter Ha is also a problem.
At this time, music was released from the outside, and five or six girls went in again, where they leaned forward, swayed and danced with the music. On the one hand, it was to relax gamblers; on the other hand, it was also to prepare for a game. After all, it was necessary to deal with hardships and injuries.
However, it was Lin Bing who won this fight, but they were asked to get out first.
About half an hour later, Guo stepped into the iron cage. When Guo stepped in, his tall and strong body didn’t cause much reaction. It’s not as good as seeing Dai Ruoxi’s sample. After all, there are many people with big waists or tall and strong bodies in this place.
Malays naturally turned their eyes to Hades. Hades has not lost a lot of money and recovered from the loss. Looking at Guo’s height, he directly let his other brother take Su Nai to play.
It’s better to take Su Nai Kung Fu than Bitter Ha Time, but it’s also better than being tall. Guo Tanlu can also match up in Taiwan, but although Su Nai is tall, his fist speed is also the only one that Hades can fight with Bitter Ha Time.
The two of them went to the cage outside to find exciting people and immediately roared into a ball.
It’s new to Dai Ruoxi, and it’s different from people of this size. The vigorous and powerful collision can stimulate men’s bloodthirsty feelings. The introduction of this competition is also simple, and many such occasions are used to it.
After betting, it turned out that Guo Tanlu lost more people than Su Nai did, and there were even three odds for one loss, which made Guo Tanlu very uncomfortable, okay?
It seems that the audience is optimistic about taking the speed!
But in fact, Guo Tanlu didn’t do it himself, but he found a lot of boxers to sell in Lin Bing’s boxing ring. Compared with Guo Tanlu, it was also a lot better, but they were all lost to these Indonesian boxers, and everyone could bet on Indonesian boxers to win.
However, it also provoked the referee of Guo Tread Lu’s internal heat to say that he directly forced the two men to walk with one hand touching Guo Tread Lu and one arm stepping on the tiger jumping stream and hitting the tiger to search for the mountain, and then wrapped themselves in hard work and went out of the cannon boxing. Nai also wanted to play hard and hard, but when Guo Tread Lu touched Guo Tread Lu’s abdomen, he was so angry and quivered that he raised his arms and beat his shoulders like a touch.
He hurried back when he didn’t get up hard. Rao also gave Guo a slap in the face. Fortunately, Naisu’s gun rack was sent to his chest. Although his arm wasn’t raised, the gun rack was held tightly by Yan Guo. A gun was hitting him with his left arm curled up in his chest, causing him to kick back three steps. There was a burning pain at the elbow, and there was a slight muscle tear where the arm was stressed.
Xie Cunguan’s eyes narrowed in the stands, because he clearly saw that Guo Tanlu’s physical strength had been shocked. This is the abdomen gas that swelled to the body, like Guo Tanlu’s body was not in phase with Su Nai, but he actually played Su Nai in a tiger search mountain. The trick is that the arm strength suddenly whirled because of the abdomen gas, which was aroused by the abdomen gas machine, like a person urinating in winter, like a tingle, which is shocking.
In the spectrum of mind boxing, it is said that the strength of turning the bow and breaking the string in Hulei Gary, Tai Ji Chuan, is a sudden shock, which means this kind of shock and trembling strength. It has also been said in the speeches of predecessors that once a boxer has this kind of strength, his opponent will be invincible, because this kind of strength will make his opponent have a touch-like attack effect when it runs through his opponent.
Of course, this means that up to now, Xie Cunguan has not seen anyone practice such kung fu.