A samurai boy was seriously injured and dared to get up and provoke Uncle Zhao. The brothers around him were simply stupid!

Some brothers even reached out and rubbed their eyes. They misread it. How did the teenager get up when he just fell to the ground? And look at the powerful momentum released by his body. There is no trace of injury. What the hell?
Not only the brothers around, but also Xiao Juer, the younger sister of Lengyan, was shocked, and her mind turned around and stood still.
"Well, it’s a little weird."
After Zhao Jun called two "good" in succession, his face became more gloomy, and at the same time, he raised a stormy wave in his heart. He paid a third of his strength and lost a Taoist thought, which did not cause any harm to this little guy. Look at the momentum released by his body. It seems that the strength of his own body is even stronger.
There’s something weird about this little guy, isn’t there? What if he grows up? Now that we have made an enemy, we should slay him here today, otherwise, once he grows up, I’m afraid even the Zhao family will be greatly threatened in the future!
Zhao Jun’s face is getting more and more dignified, so he dare not underestimate the samurai boy in front of him. Zhao Jun now treats each other as enough, but he is a master of the same order in World War I.
Next to my brothers, I’m afraid I’ll laugh off my fangs if I know what they think in Uncle Zhao’s heart at this time! It’s super funny that a teenager who has just advanced to the samurai level and has not learned any martial arts should make a master who has reached the realm of military commander dzogchen so afraid!
But at this time, Zhao didn’t have that kind of relaxed mentality to face a samurai boy. He was so nervous that his eyes were livid and his hands were suddenly opened. Together, he formed a mysterious handprint, once again displaying Zhao’s Xuanjie achievement method of "going against the sky". The blue qi once again appeared on his fingers and made a "scoff".
Sister Lengyan has woken up from her stupidity. She looks pale. Many elder brothers Tang have just been hit. Although it is surprising to come back to life, who knows if he is seriously injured? Almost without a trace of consideration, Sister Leng Yan’s slightly thin body blocked the front of Brother Tang, and she was afraid of the cold way. "Uncle Zhao and his younger brother Qing Zhu, aren’t you afraid of being punished by the door rules for bullying your younger brother? You’ve been seriously injured. Don’t you stop trying to kill them all? "
Suddenly, all the brothers around were shooting at the field with strange eyes, Uncle Zhao!
Everyone thinks that everything that the righteous little girl said is reasonable! A master military commander should not make another move even after teaching a younger brother a mistake. Otherwise, why should everyone respect him after he loses his dignity?
But at this time, I knew in my heart that I couldn’t let the young man grow up in front of me. Master Zhao just looked around and couldn’t think of a fighter girl who dared to accuse himself. He was so angry that he almost vomited blood!
Anger towards Zhao once again condensed out a "crazy dragon" to shoot at the little girl in front of the teenager.
But also more than that. After Zhao cast the Xuanjie achievement method, the whole person followed the "Raptor" and shot a pair of thin figures to the field. Nine blue qi emerged on his hands and sent a terrible force to shoot down the young head directly.
Zhao’s angry blow made the field silent, and the leaves next to the martial arts field were clearly audible when the wind blew them off. All the brothers were speechless, and they usually dared to be angry and dared not say anything. At this time, their faces were full of anger, and their hearts were even more cold and frightened.
Not good! Terrible!
This is Tang Jun’s first feeling. Although he is not afraid that the pig head opposite is not as good as Zhao Jun, now he has to protect Younger from harm and deal with the huge attack from the head impact. How can a teenager who has just advanced to the samurai level resist the powerful attack of a military commander?
Tang Jun’s eyes showed a terrible hatred. Seeing that his Younger was going to be killed by the other hand, he had been hiding his powerful explosive force, and seven Taoist thoughts roared out and rushed to the impact. At the same time, his hands emerged with a clear white qi and a huge momentum.
"Hum, go to hell."
Zhao Jun’s sly smile revealed a little surprise. He had already seen that the little girl must be very important to the teenager. He planned to protect the teenager and tried his best to resist it, so that he could protect himself. This time, look at him. With a warrior’s true qi as strong as himself, he is stronger than nine. Did he really go against the sky? Don’t say it’s a junior warrior, even a high-ranking warrior will be killed immediately when he strikes!
Seeing a pair of boys and girls immediately killed by Uncle Zhao, some brothers couldn’t bear to witness the tragedy with their hands covering their faces. They lowered their heads and simply closed their eyes, but their hearts were heavy.
The smell of death is so close to you again? Tang Jun smiled bitterly in his heart, but he didn’t have a trace of fear, but tried his best to attack his own physical strength, even if the law resisted him.
Cold Yan’s school sister fell to the bottom in the face of the "dragon fury" which is stronger than arrogance. She knew that she would attack the force in front of her by the law. She froze and gave up her resistance directly, but she could block the blow by Tang Dage, so she might be able to escape, so her face still showed a trace of dying joy.
It’s a pity that this only trace of joy was smashed into pieces by the powerful impact from Uncle Zhao, and even this last hope was shattered!
The younger sister’s cheeks are pale and scary!
Just when she felt that she was going to die, suddenly a short golden sword appeared in front of her, almost three inches long, and it didn’t emit any strange light, but it was incredible to be angry and rush to Chapter 23 with a thunder.
Sister Leng Yan felt that the golden light flashed in front of her eyes and swooped down on her. The terrible "Raptor" disappeared inexplicably, even the little dagger disappeared. Just after the impact, the powerful force disappeared, as if nothing had happened. She froze and couldn’t figure out what happened just now.
Although it’s nothing, Sister Leng Yan is miserable, but Tang Jun himself is the most powerful and seven-legged Taoist priest to protect Younger. The only thing he has left behind is the samurai’s strength and he is vulnerable to the powerful military commanders.
Seeing that Tang Jun was dying, Zhao Jun’s palm suddenly burst out of his mysterious golden egg driven by his powerful explosive force.
Tang Jun stared at his hands with big eyes and his face changed. The mysterious golden egg burst through the body and turned into two streams of air, one gold and one white coiled around his hand, and a terrorist force swept away.
Zhao Jun’s face showed a ferocious smile, and now he was relieved that everything was under his control.
A samurai boy who has just advanced any martial arts and has never learned the primary samurai can compete with a master of military commander dzogchen. If he is allowed to grow up, then what’s more?
Zhao Jun’s gloomy face had just been cast, and suddenly his eyes seemed to stop solidifying when they were bigger than two bells. He seemed to find something big, and his whole face was twisted and deformed, and he shivered.
A scream resounded through the sky, and the eyes of Zhao Jun were like a poor wild dog being kicked, and several somersaults flew to the "Green Bamboo Pavilion" plaque. A "crackling" sound started, and the whole building collapsed and Zhao Jun was buried inside.
The brothers around heard a scream, and then they saw a figure flying towards the Green Bamboo Pavilion. Then the Green Bamboo Pavilion collapsed, and the whole field was covered with gray smoke. In front of them, a blur was stronger than the shock wave, which swept around. More than 60 brothers rushed to the screaming field and fell down. A large area was not much better than the brothers around. That shock wave almost swept all the brothers around like a strong wind sweeping leaves, and they fell down and screamed one after another.
When the gray smoke slowly dispersed in the air, the brothers got up one by one. Their eyes were all terrified. They looked at the collapsed "Green Bamboo Pavilion" and their bodies were even more creepy!
Isn’t it terrible that the master of this military commander, dzogchen, displayed the Xuanjie achievement method? Not only did all the younger brothers blow down the field, but they also collapsed the whole pavilion. They have always been afraid of Uncle Zhao. At this time, their cousins regarded Uncle Zhao as the devil and said nothing. They also dared not provoke him as a "great god"
Everyone stared at the collapsed "Green Bamboo Pavilion", but no one noticed that there was a teenager lying on the ground with a tearful little girl next to him.
When Xiao Juer struggled to endure great pain, her eyes didn’t follow everyone’s eyes to the collapsed "Green Bamboo Pavilion", but she cut up the little girl according to what he thought. I’m afraid that the teenager who stepped forward and saved his life would have died long ago. This time, she was in big trouble, not only causing a samurai teenager to lose his life, but also injuring many younger brothers. Moreover, the little girl beside the teenager was probably run away.
Xiao Juer both hated and felt ashamed. When her beautiful eyes saw the little girl in a daze, she finally felt a little better. But when she saw the thin body lying on the ground, she couldn’t help rubbing her eyes for herself. After rubbing her eyes several times, she was surprised to find that it was really the teenager lying next to the little girl and that the teenager who saved his life actually got up.
How is that possible? Xiao Juer muttered a pair of beautiful eyes, and the young man shot across and met with deep eyes.
"He He"
A brother found a Tang Jun, just like seeing a ghost. His left hand pointed at him and he couldn’t speak.
Follow the direction of the younger brother’s finger, and everyone slowly turned to look at the field.