The news that Hangzhou is about to be attacked by pirates first appeared in the forum, and then the four major guilds all received the news and started to prepare. The players also confirmed that the news was reliable. After the knot in the outer sea of Hangzhou, everyone was free to form a formation with five boats, and everyone supported each other with the chat channel.

400 boats and a dozen medium-sized ships, which China is willing to participate in, may be all the things that can be produced are waiting in the open sea of Hangzhou. This situation is not like the enemy attacking Hangzhou, but like a flat battle. Of course, this is also bullying people’s NPCs.
At three o’clock in the morning, the battery was destroyed. The temporary method caused a signal flare to appear at the battery position, and then about 300 enemy ships suddenly appeared in Hangzhou offshore broadcast. Everyone knows that, so don’t say it.
"rush!" No one guns all players to surround the offshore area, and more than a dozen medium-sized ships lead the way to storm into the pirate ships. What? I don’t know if it’s good for you to engage in a firecracker with the enemy, but I don’t know if it’s good for you to meet the enemy, but at least I have a chance to get a basket of 35 gold treasures. Is there a more tangible reward than this? Of course, the guns are not of the same grade, which is also a reason why everyone meets the ship.
Not only did the peripheral players rush into the offshore Hangzhou, the fifth element, but fifty small boats and two medium-sized ships organized a frontal attack on the Japanese fleet, so there was no decent artillery battle, and the players faced the Japanese hand-to-hand combat.
There is a rule for docking, that is, A and B together can’t join in the fun, and there is a three-minute compulsory docking time every time, but A and B can engage in artillery battle with C, and in turn, C can shell and attack A and B from a distance.
There are all docking ships off the coast of Hangzhou. Wei Hao is an intermediate Japanese ship.
"Hand in my hand!" Cockroaches shout "herding sheep!" It’s a medium-sized ship with 30 enemies. This damn wave is too conspicuous. This ship not only has a hand, but also sumo, samurai and ninja. Fortunately, there is no most deadly AV girl.
"coming!" Wu Xin is not afraid of the martial arts. His martial arts is a suppression of the martial arts. The biggest feature is that it is powerful and effective, but the martial arts has great shortcomings. The first is that it takes a long time to prepare for the martial arts, and Wu Xin’s southern boxing is very fast and can suddenly burst into powerful attack light. Wu Xin has practiced the martial arts for two years. The second disadvantage is that it will leave a big flaw once it is evaded. Of course, it is terrible for those who are never familiar with it, but martial arts is superior to the martial arts.
To sum up, the martial arts can be powerful and lethal. They pay attention to the physical cooperation to play fatal damage to the body and will. The main martial arts may achieve that lethality, but it is offensive and defensive. The opponent is victorious and unbeaten.
Don’t think that China Wushu is rubbish. It’s because of some historical and historical losses, and later generations have failed to live up to expectations. Huo Yuanjia, Ma Yongzhen, Sun Lutang, Wang Ping and Wen Jingming are all true. For example, everyone has never heard that Wang Ping is known as the "world’s first strongman". The Russian strongman Kangtai ‘er is very arrogant in Beijing Central Park. Wang Ping is excited by indignation, and then frustrated the western giants Ma Zhini, Alaman, Ke Zhimai and Sullivan. When they were besieged by the Japanese imperial police in Qingdao, they were thrown to the floor.
The most striking feature of a dozen martial arts letters between two ships comes out. Others are a skill. Sending martial arts letters is a skill. When you are in a hurry, you don’t directly poke the acupuncture points with your fingers. There are also martial arts skills … But because there are many enemies and the occupation is too messy, Wu Xin’s body is also scarred.
Yo-Yo and others can hold their own cockroaches, protect the waves from the periphery with a knife and a sword, and export drugs without money, dragonflies from high to support, and Yo-Yo incendiary bombs. Until this moment, the waves finally admit that "it seems that you are robbing the wrong ship."
"Brother Shepherd can fight well" Friends praised the fact that some people had Wu Xin and tried to duel with the enemy captain when the enemy ship was surrounded. They also thanked the players and people for not being able to overlap and not many people attacked Wu Xin at the same time.
"Slice! Lao Wang doesn’t give him blood to try. "Cockroaches are sour and can best fight themselves."
Bai Wen shouted, "Why don’t you just kick them into the sea?"
In a word, the dreamer Wu Xin realized that he was hit by a knife and rolled to the side of the boat. A sumo wrestled with his feet and ran towards Wu Xin. Sumo was the most troublesome occupation for Wu Xin. If he punched well in other occupations, the other party would fall down or retreat, but the sumo wouldn’t retreat. People still hugged you and sat down at your side a few hundred pounds bigger …
But at this time … Wu Xin was very flexible and rushed into the sea along the line of sumo wrestling. Then he cheated by hand. First of all, he had to howl and raise his hind legs above his head, so he sighed at Wu Xin, "It’s too slow!" Squat down and sweep your legs, sweep the floor with one leg and then simply wrestle and throw it into the sea.
North leg proverb hand is two doors to hit people with their feet. South fist moves like a loose fist, but legs generally don’t take part in the attack. Most of them dodge and plunge horses along a big battle. The enemy is pulled out by Wu Xin one by one and thrown into the sea like radish.
"The shepherd is really not a human being." The dragonfly observatory could not help but admire the sentence.
The cockroach died of acid. "I want to complain that it obviously destroys the balance of the game."
"Destroy my ass," Langdao said. "One-on-one may be really amazing, but it’s just the two of us. He can easily kill him with one acupuncture skill. Of course, you won’t be stupid enough to fight with him at the boat."
Sour and confused, but the wave is true. Wu Xin relied on acupuncture and white medicine to support the enemy’s serious lethality. After playing for a long time, no enemy died except drowning.
Bai Wen smiled and didn’t talk. Although the waves told the truth, it was Wu Xin’s siege to protect himself. If you really want two people to be beaten everywhere, they will definitely find teeth. People have boxer skills and martial arts skills, and the original real martial arts are no longer obvious. However, once a martial artist’s career comes out, Wu Xin’s daily eyesight and hand speed are accurate. It should be said that the waves and cockroaches can’t beat the martial artist’s professional Wu Xin. They underestimated the power of acupuncturing.
Chapter seventy-four Black and white duo
"It’s not wrong for you to lose your hand as a practitioner." A small boat admired the captain more than ten meters away. The masked bounty hunter who was killed waved and asked, "Does the gunner remember who I am?" There was also a doctor and a boatswain on board, all of whom were masked.
"Who are you?" Wu Xin glanced at it and didn’t know it … or didn’t recognize it … The captain overestimated Wu Xin’s current IQ. What Wu Xin thinks now is to avoid the enemy and concentrate on attack and defense, that is, he is addicted to the characters. Look at the masked face and don’t know it, so he concludes that he doesn’t know it.
"You don’t remember? Do you often kill people with your fists? " The masked captain asked
"Oh … now that you mention it …" Wu Xin thought for three seconds and then asked, "Who are you?"
"Suppose his original IQ was 16, and now he has 90% to cope with the battle, so his remaining IQ is not enough for you to talk to him so euphemistically." The masked doctor solemnly woke up
"Nu ray! Give him a hand "female captain metasomatism.
"hey! Shepherd brother "Nu Lei also knows that he was blinded by Wu Xin, and he doesn’t hide his identity. He took the headgear and then rushed out of the package and took something at Wu Xin.