Chapter 131 More troops
Chapter 131 More troops
In the villa in the manor, Tianxian reality stepped on the mysterious step of gossip, holding a strange handprint in one hand, and sliding slightly in the void with the other hand. He drew a series of charms and suspended them at his side.
All of a sudden, Tianxian Reality suddenly let out a cry, and a golden light shot out of his hand and rushed in the direction of Chinese mainland. His body was stiff there, and the speed of entering the light was fast, and in an instant, it fell into the Kunlun Mountain at the junction of Qinghai and Tibet in China.
There are clouds everywhere in the mountains, and the golden light hovers in the sky. Suddenly, a golden light flies from the clouds, grabs the golden light shot by the real people in the sky, and feels slightly, and instantly falls back into the clouds and disappears.
From time to time, a golden light shot out from the clouds again, paused slightly, found the right direction, and flew in the direction of the American continent. From time to time, it arrived in new york and shot into the villa in the manor. For the large array of Zhuang, it was like nothing, and it was not taken seriously at all.
Inside the villa, several Kunlun disciples stood around, looking at Tianxian Reality, who was motionless and stiff there, and protecting Tianxian Reality. Soon, a golden light shot into Tianxian Reality’s palm, and Tianxian Reality’s stiff body quickly sat down.
Pinch the tactic slightly, and the golden light suddenly sank to his forehead, and his eyes closed immediately. The golden light suddenly flashed in the sky, and for a long time, the idle reality stood up, and his eyes were full of excitement.
A young disciple not far away immediately came forward with a cup of hot tea in one hand. Holding a towel in the other hand, he respectfully said, "Uncle Tian Xian, what’s your command to teach the real person?"
Tianxian Zhenren picked up the towel he handed me, wiped the sweat from his forehead, patted the young Taoist on the shoulder and said with a smile, "Lingzi, please teach Zhenren to reply. Ten other elders, such as Tianxingzi, will arrive in new york in a few days, and take my 1,000 disciples from Kunlun. "
"My father?" The earth spirit son doubts.
The happy-looking Tianxian real person immediately replied, "Yes. It’s a waste that all the ten elders of the outer church are out to completely eliminate the influence of the Vatican in America. So many Lingshan are all empty there, and they don’t know how to use them at all. There are Chinese all over the world, so we can open branches in America. Recruit pure Chinese as disciples and strengthen our Kunlun school. "
As soon as this was said, the eyes of Dilingzi suddenly flashed. Seeing this, Tianxian real person immediately said: "Martial nephew of Dilingzi, there will definitely be a manager in this branch hall. Even if there are elders stationed, they will only support it behind the scenes. It’s really the manager who advises you, but you have to work hard. This is a lucrative job and a qualification. After the real person is promoted one day, the position of this new palm teaching must be selected among many disciples. Many uncles are very optimistic about you. "
Di Lingzi suddenly smiled and quickly handed over the geothermal tea in his hand. He said with a smile, "Thank you for your cultivation. Di Lingzi will never forget it."
Tianxian Zhenren took a sip of tea and immediately burst out laughing: "Joke, only your father has a son like you in our group of other disciples. If we don’t help you, who will we help?" Yeah. . . Good tea. "
At this moment, more than ten smells suddenly appeared in the manor, and Tianxian real people noticed it for the first time. The spirit is slightly sensed. Immediately shouted: "No, many Taoist friends have lost a lot."
The body flashed. When I got out of the villa, I just saw Peter Cheung Yiu Chung and more than 10 people rushing into the large array to protect the villa. I immediately exclaimed, "Dear Taoist friends, what are you doing? . . ?”
See the day idle reality, they immediately collapsed to the ground, gasping for air, a face of terror, did not catch up with many large sects of disciples, immediately flew out, curious to see Peter Cheung Yiu Chung and others this broken garments.
As soon as Tianxian real person observed it, he immediately said in surprise, "Martial nephew Zhang of Maoshan, more than 300 experts went, why are there only more than 10 of you left?" What about others? "
Knowing that it was safe, Peter Cheung Yiu Chung immediately sat up, just about to say that the Sword Sect of Shushan was killed by The Hunger Gate, but on second thought, he immediately said, "Those damn barbarians dared to sneak up on us. When we came after the European continent, they actually ambushed countless masters. If we hadn’t played it by ear and fled immediately, we would have been wiped out today, but the Taoist friends of the Sword Sect of Shushan were too angry and rushed too far." . 。 ”
At some point, it also showed a mournful color. More than 10 people behind it instantly understood why Peter Cheung Yiu Chung said so, and they all followed suit, contending that the Sword Sect of Shushan was killed by the master of the Vatican.
And just after the past, the master of the Sword School of Shushan really rushed to the first one, and Qing Xuanzi was the most angry one when he came for it, which was reasonable. It is absolutely impossible for anyone else to know that the disciples of the Sword School of Shushan were killed by The Hunger Gate.
In this way, they gave up all their friends and ran back. If they were known by others, they would never be able to stay in the fix true world again. Therefore, although it was just Peter Cheung Yiu Chung’s decision in an instant, they spoke from the heart of more than 10 people who came back alive. If this was said, it would definitely be discredited.
Except for the disciples of Jiulian Jianzong, all the large sects, including Kunlun, became angry. Tianxian Zhenren even cried, "How dare you be so ruthless?" At this moment, he forgot the scene that he had just driven the seal of heaven to slaughter.
Seeing that everyone became angry, Tianxian Zhenren’s eyes, which had been calm for a moment, turned and said, "Dear Taoist friends, why don’t you send this news back to the mountain gate and let the experts come here again? This time, the loss must be recovered, otherwise, how can our Zhongyuan Gate stand in the power field from now on?"
Originally, dozens of sects who fell to the ground immediately jumped up and ran into the place where their sects practiced meditation. The mysterious method of signaling was brought out. Suddenly, I saw countless colorful lights flying into the sky and flying in the direction of Chinese mainland.
Countless exaggerated words were mixed in these letters by them, and almost all the words that could persuade his legacy to send troops to support him were exhausted by them.
The disciples of Jiulian Jianzong are strangely shining in their eyes, and they return to their headquarters. From time to time, a blue light flies out, and the situation is getting more and more strange. Please decide how to continue.

Chapter 132 Three years will be destroyed
Chapter 132 Three years will be destroyed
A few pills of Dan medicine taken from the jade bottles left by Qing Xuanzi after his death, and a good flying sword from Ziquansheng, under the protection of Jinyang, the sword embryo of Qing Yuezi was formed in just half a day, and firmly entered the’ fourth order’.
Tears of angels’ entertainment center.
In the underground secret room, Qingyuezi looked at the leisurely Jinyang in front with a radiant face and roared fiercely: "Hey!" .
A small khaki jade sword flew like lightning to Jinyang, ten meters away, and the khaki light was lasered in all directions, and the whole honey room was lit up by this yellow sword.
Jinyang smiled, two fingers gently clamped, and caught this khaki light. The yellow light struggled fiercely, and countless sharp swords shone on Jinyang’s fingers. Not only did it not cause any damage, but it also made a sound of pure iron.
There was a flash of red light, and the khaki light suddenly stopped, motionless. No one saw the moment when the red light flashed, and a strange look flashed on the face of the purple-blue fairy.
Qing Yuezi looked at Jinyang’s natural and ordinary fingers with a face of surprise, and her heart was horrified. Although this is a sword tire that he has just cultivated, even ordinary fine steel can cut it instantly, but Jinyang can clamp it with two fingers, and he can instantly cut off his contact with the sword tire, secretly thankful for his wise choice, and at the same time lamenting that Jinyang’s body there is still like a monk.
Hurriedly respectfully said: "I am grateful to my master for his reward, and Qingyuezi is very grateful."
I threw it out. Jinyang smiled and said, "I will never give alms to others. No matter what people get from me, they must return it to me in the original amount or more. You must find a way to return it to me today. Otherwise, I will get it back, but I can’t get it back. Then mortgage it with your life. "
Qingyuezi didn’t dare to have any objection. She quickly knelt down to the ground and said respectfully, "Qingyuezi will swear to be loyal to her master. Even if she wants my life, Qingyuezi will never frown."
Jinyang smiled insidiously and said, "Don’t tell me big words. I never believe what I didn’t see with my own eyes. Needless to say these hypocritical words, just show me the facts. I don’t care what kind of person you are, as long as you can do something for me. "
"I don’t know what is the master’s command now?" Green month with his head down, no one can see his face. Having made the whole blood oath of the most vicious solution, he can never betray Jinyang again. From Jinyang’s simple words, he immediately realized that the method of touting Qing Xuanzi would never work.
After feeling the array enchantment all around, Jinyang said, "Hide your strength and find a way to go back to the manor yourself. The losses of the Sword Sect of Shushan are so great that it will definitely not stop there. You should try your best to get back into the team of the Sword Sect of Shushan this time and wait for the signal I will give you. Remember, I only care about practical things, and I don’t care about everything else. Remember to report any important news. "
"Yes, master." Green month said calmly.
Looking at the green moon kneeling on the ground in front of him, Jinyang thought to himself, "Blood oath is issued. I regret it. I’m afraid even Sanqing Daozu can’t lift this blood oath! The Mirror of Heaven is really a good treasure, but it can’t be used. Since it can’t be used, it’s better to build a powerful slave and destroy the whole Shushan Sword Sect. It’s better to take it for your own use. "
At the thought of this, with a golden light, 36 golden buddhas kept spinning, and the mirror of heaven science suspended in it was shining with silvery white light. At the sight of the mirror of heaven science, the eyes of Qingyuezi suddenly shone with the light of surprise, but then looked at Jinyang, and the color of surprise slowly faded.
"Hao Tianjing, a token taught by the Shushan Sword School in past dynasties, you should recognize it!" Jinyang suddenly asked.
Green month deeply looked at Jinyang, don’t know the specific meaning of Jinyang said this, also dare not say much, just gently nodded.