Sure enough, it’s hard for my mother to wipe the tears in her eyes like an obedient child. "I’ll eat and I’ll eat … just now, Xiao Zhang and these two girls let me eat. I still don’t care about them …" My mother said with a smile and looked at the three girls.

"Nothing aunt …"
"Yes, we have no matter son …"
"You see you said aunt …"
Three girls, one person, one sentence, coax the dry brother and mother into being so happy that they like it when they come. After thinking about it for a long time, they didn’t choose one for their children. It’s best because all three girls are handsome and want to look and have a temper. She can’t wait to get married and have more fat grandchildren!
"That … you all eat it, Xiaotian. You see you are too busy to eat it yourself!" Dry elder brother mother took a bowl of Qin Xiaowan to make egg custard and took a sip. She found that her son was wolfing down the three girls and suddenly took a white look and complained, "Hurry and entertain them."
"Oh, aunt, we’re not hungry. You’ve been hungry for a whole day …" Among the three girls, Zhang Xiaoyan and Gan Ge’s mother are the most familiar. When I heard this, I quickly smiled at Gu Gan Ge’s face, and Qin Xiaowan and the little witch gave him a black eye when they remembered that Lu Gan Ge was crazy just now.
The two dry brothers solved the soup and wiped their mouths. Hey, hey, a smile. "Come on, my mother asked you to drink it. Don’t pretend to be a lady. Drink it today. You are tired enough. I will treat you personally and cook a small fire for me!" Because dad is out of danger, brother Gan is in a good mood and patted him. While drinking soup, he secretly looked at which little sister-in-law was the most beautiful and shouted.
"Oh … to the elder brother …" A little listen to hurriedly put aside a bowl of fart Dian fart with dry elder brother walked out of the main house and went into the kitchen in the courtyard. 487 Go out and do something.
"Oh, finish the soup in the bowl before you go …" Dry elder brother and mother complained fondly when they saw that their children were finally in a hurry. Now she was relieved to learn that her wife was all right.
When the three girls saw that Brother Gan and his mother were so harmonious, they were full of envy and joy. Their future mother-in-law was not like a savage, so it would be much better to get along with each other. Brother Gan looked at them all and hurriedly greeted them, "Sit down quickly, girls … You see, I know Xiao Zhang, and neither of you are familiar with where you are?" Dry elder brother mom said naturally engage took three female hands.
"Ha ha, aunt, they are both seaports. Her name is Xiaoxuan, and her name is Xiaowan …" Zhang Xiaoyan said with a smile that she and Qin Xiaowan are also familiar with these hours.
"Oh … OK …" Dry elder brother and mother almost look presbyopia. These three girls are better looking than each other and their faces are better. She can’t bear to give up which one!
"Hey, hey, which of the three in the elder brother’s room is my future sister-in-law?" In the simple kitchen outside the courtyard, he lit a fire and cooked a pot with firewood, and hey hey smiled and looked at the eldest brother. He quipped that it was the age of puberty, but he could see that not only was there two left in his squad, but he was also interested in the eldest brother.
Brother Gan scooped up several tablespoons of water and poured it into the pot. He gave his younger brother a white look and said, "Why don’t you learn to take care of so much?"
"I’m telling you, my mother is interested in the three sisters. When you enter the room, you have to ask you questions. You have to be mentally prepared …" The little thief glanced at the back room and whispered in the ear of the younger brother, talking and laughing with him. In this scene, he had the impression that he had not met each other for seven years since the older brother left home as a soldier.
About half an hour’s effort, Zhang Xiaoyan, the little witch Qin Xiaowan’s future "mother-in-law" hospitality is really a bit overwhelming, because the dry brother and mother are very enthusiastic for a while, asking for a while, asking for a while, asking for a while, and really treating all three girls as their daughters-in-law.
"The soup is ready. Let’s drink it while it’s hot. It’s too late to cook. There are pickled pickles at home, just for you to lose weight …" Brother Gan said, and he came in with a pot of small rapeseed soup, and suddenly it was fragrant and overflowing in the back room, making the little witch’s belly purr. I was embarrassed to blush and lower my head there.
Dry elder brother mother also hurriedly warm hello way "hurry up to eat girl this is our hometown pickled cold dishes without those toxic things …" Say that finish will get up to end pickles, but was stopped by dry elder brother mother bones are still very weak now how can you let her come?
Brother Gan took a plate of pickled celery leaves in his left hand and handed it to Qin Xiaowan with three bowls in his right hand. "Why do you still want me to feed you, ladies?"
When Qin Xiaowan and Xiao Yaonv Zhang Xiaoyan heard that their little faces were red in Bogen, after all, they had to show their virtuous side in front of their future mother-in-law. So the three girls secretly gouged out the dry elder brother and quickly took the bowl in his hand and looked at the three girls’ posts, which made him feel happy. The little uncle couldn’t clean up you!
"You are a mixed little you! Give them a big meal. What’s wrong? Girls have to take good care of them … "Dry elder brother and mother gave a bad look at girls who didn’t know how to coax them, and said in their hearts that these three girls are so good-looking and have such a good temper that they have enough left for themselves.
"Yes, mom, I’m wrong. I’m wrong. I can’t do it yet …" Brother Gan said, "Dad at home has to listen to mom, not to mention himself. That’s absolutely conditional."
Three girls have never seen a dry elder brother and such a little man. They are drinking soup. Suddenly, they smiled "sloped" while covering their mouths. They also laughed in a small way. Mom took a look at the white son and no longer cared about the sadness in the house. Suddenly, the atmosphere was cheerful.
To say that the soup made by the dry brother is delicious, the three girls have been accompanying the future mother-in-law is really hungry, so no matter what lady is not a lady, she wolfs down the soup with pickles, especially the little witch has solved three bowls of small belly for a while, and she is almost propped up. She burps awkwardly and smiles before putting the dishes and chopsticks.
"Come on, I should go when you are full. There are still some things to do over there. Do you three live here or in the city?" Brother gan should certainly not forget that although Torre is out of danger, he has to pay for these pains with blood!
Three women a listen to surprisingly unified opinion Zhang Xiaoyan got up and answered, "Are you busy? We three sisters are here with my aunt …"
"Yes … let’s stay with my aunt …" Qin Xiaowan and Xiao Yaonv both nodded and agreed that it was not easy for them to get along with their future mother-in-law. How could they miss it easily?
Dry elder brother mom a listen to don’t be too happy in my heart, but suffer from the fact that there are too few places to live at home. Be reluctant and polite, "Oh, girls, you’d better go to the county seat. There is no place to sleep at home …"
"Hey, hey, don’t worry, aunt, it’s almost dawn anyway. We can hold on …" Zhang Xiaoyan laughed, and the little witch and Qin Xiaowan kept pounding garlic as if she were afraid that her future mother-in-law would sweep them out of the house.
"Oh, mom, they are willing to stay here, right here. It’s just a good time to accompany you. I’m leaving. Dad has me over there. Don’t worry …" Brother Gan said with a smile and walked to the door. At that moment, his face was cold and he was sending out cold.
Brother Gan just left home and didn’t have a car yet. Qin Xiaowan trotted out and stopped Brother Gan. "Hey, you wait …"
"What’s the matter?" Brother gan turned and looked at the little police flower with rosy face and panting.
"You … you do things go easy, don’t be impulsive …" The little witch and Zhang Xiaoyan may not know what the dry elder brother is going to do, but the policeman Qin Xiaowan is clear enough for fear of what the dry elder brother has provoked.
Brother Gan nodded slightly and his face didn’t turn around at all. "Don’t worry, I know what to do. Take care of my mother for me!" Said into the land cruiser started to the village head.
"Ah ….." Looking at the distant car shadow, Qin Xiaowan nai sighed. Her heart was broken even if she didn’t kill the murderer, and she knew better that if he decided to do something, no one could change it, including thinking about himself and turning around and walking into the house.
A two-story building at the head of the village is also the only two-story building in Dawangzhuang Village. At this time, it has been surrounded by the Loyalty Hall brothers. Seeing that all the Loyalty Hall brothers are holding a newspaper in their hands, the narrow newspaper roots can’t contain the sharp lights in their hands, which will illuminate the two-story building as usual during the day.
"Burst" After a brake, the dry elder brother stopped the land cruiser to hit the door and walked quickly to meet two dog. "You came to King Brother’s guard and the dog ran away, but his family all …"
"Well, I know." Brother Gan glanced slightly at the two-story building and nodded. "When will you come out of two dog? Didn’t you get bullied inside? "
"You let me out in a few days after reading me. It’s very good for Brother Hushan to guarantee bail pending trial … it’s Uncle Wang …" Although two dog is a small man, he remembers his kindness to him, but he didn’t let him meet Wang Dashuai, otherwise he really dared to directly abolish Wang Dashuai and shed a tear at some point.
Dry elder brother patted the little guy’s head and said, "Come on, don’t blame you for this. Besides, your uncle is out of danger! Go in with me! " Said the dry elder brother with two dog came to the gate leg lifts a foot to kick the wooden door to pieces.