"I want you to go first." Li Yuan nodded and went out first, then went back to the awarding platform again. At this time, Feng Yang, Hua Tian and various factions, and tens of thousands of viewers were still anxiously waiting to see the Lord and another general with a flustered look, so that everyone could guess what was going on.

Lord Li Yuan took a deep breath and looked around at the sea of people, but he thought it was time for that guy to wake up. If he was killed by it, I’m afraid that hundreds of thousands of people in Jingyang City would have a lifetime and the whole solid Lai Empire would be devastated by prehistoric cases.
The more I think about it, the more I lose my heart. The more dignified Li Yuan’s look, the more I immediately spit out a sigh and said, "The Gulai Empire is everyone’s land. We have brothers, children, parents and wives, and a complete and happy family. Everyone has the responsibility and righteousness to defend our country, defend their homes and relatives."
"To tell you the truth, there are a large number of Warcraft arriving at the border of Gulai Empire. Once these Warcraft invade Gulai Empire, the towns of Gulai Empire will be devastated and devastated. It is time for warriors to pick up your fog and show your courage. The country has fought against Qian Qian’s thousands of brothers and sisters."
"I, Li Yuan, promise that this battle is not a compensation for hunting Warcraft to get the beast Yuan Dan. To survive this robbery, everyone can show the beast Yuan Dan to exchange for high-level Wushu. The higher the order of the beast Yuan Dan, the more the quantity can be exchanged for the high-level Wushu. It is no longer a dream. One more thing is that you can get the corresponding value of Wushu by showing the beast Yuan Dan, and we will not charge you for the beast Yuan Dan from hunting Warcraft."
Vast said a lot of meaning is just to let everyone be thugs, but so euphemistically and so impassioned, it makes everyone feel excited. How can a man endure the tragedy of his loved ones being killed by Warcraft and his family being ruined?
And hunting Warcraft can get Yuan Dan, and these Yuan Dan can be converted to high-order Wushu if they show me one. Where can I find wealth and risk, and who will not be tempted? If I can get the land, Wushu will be admired by the people, and the strong will no longer be a dream.
Even those who sent people from Daimon Masaru are not heartbroken to hunt Warcraft, so they can increase their fighting capacity and strength level, and they can also get extra things such as skins, bones, tendons and Yuan Dan, which are better than Xuan Ming Dan Jing. Now they can be exchanged from the seven-operator technician to high-level Wushu. Who can’t help but be heartbroken?
Chen Zheng, the deacon of Feiyun Gate, and Xue Peng, the patriarch of Wan Jianzong, looked at each other with a white look in their eyes, and an idea finally came to their hearts.
Li Yuan was very pleased to see that his words had received remarkable results. "We will speed up the flight of Warcraft without delay. Everyone can fly Warcraft to the border in Gulai Empire. This battle can be won or lost."
Although there are hundreds of flying Warcraft in Jingyang City, these Warcraft can’t transport all sects and many people in the past, and it can solve the urgent need by stepping up the transfer of flying Warcraft in other towns.
Feng Yang and Hua Tian returned to Jingyang Inn with the door closed. Even two girls, Ling Wei and County Yao, refused to leave the door. It was impossible to adjust their feet to transport everyone to fly Warcraft without three or four hours.
For such a long time, it’s natural that we can’t wave now. Everyone knows that Fengyang and Huatian are pregnant with martial arts and Tianling Bu Yuan Dan. There are bound to be malicious people. To avoid big sleep Fengyang, we plan to absorb the soul brand of these two Wushu Yuan first with Huatian.
However, the soul brand of the local martial arts yuan is really too powerful and overbearing, and it must not be disturbed at all, otherwise it is likely to be killed by the martial arts brand when it is absorbed.
Rao is the wind Yang Yuan’s soul force has reached the level of the soul emperor, and he is also holding his breath carefully. He dare not have the slightest carelessness to probe the yuan’s soul force into the intermediate Wushu’ Phantom of the Opera Feng Ling’ and absorb it. Otherwise, he will be branded by a violent impact and constantly resist the wind Yang Yuan’s soul force, just as if there is a spirit. When N is not really trained by the wind, it will not be willingly absorbed by the wind.
At this time, Huatian was also affected by the same situation, but the primary brand of Wushu was weaker than the intermediate brand of terrace, which brought itself to bite itself and the impact was not so fierce. So Huatian was still shocked by Yuan’s soul force, and it didn’t take a moment for her mouth to overflow with blood.
Both of them are mentally tougher than their peers, enduring the pain as if their heads were about to burst. Instead of retreating, they are constantly benefiting themselves and fighting fiercely against the brand of Wushu.
Absorbing the brand of martial arts is like taming a fierce horse. Let this fierce horse be as gentle as a sheep in front of you, and never lose your mind to defeat it.
At the same time
Wan Jian Zong Xuepeng is working again.
For everyone, this is an opportunity to surround the country and get advanced martial arts. For Xue Peng, this is a good opportunity to kill Fengyang. He knows that a large number of Warcraft invasions are a sign of its awakening, like the disaster ten years ago. If Fengyang is to be killed this time, Feiyun Gate will be destroyed by it and fall into a state of perdition.
The forces from all sides are also surging, and many people who think highly of themselves are plotting against Feng Yang and Hua Tian’s martial arts. It can be said that the fighting will make Feng Yang and Hua Tian famous in World War I and make two teenagers become targets.
Hand-written novels
Chapter two hundred and seventy-two Warcraft invasion
Welcome you to come.
When Feng Yang and Hua Tian came out of the room, it was already four hours later, and both of them successfully learned the brand of local Wushu. However, just because they learned the brand of local Wushu doesn’t mean that they can exert the power of local Wushu. Because the power of local Wushu is too great, they still need to practice frequently.
But what makes Feng Yang feel sad is that the local Wushu is different from his Wushu. Once the local Wushu brand is absorbed and the spell is clean, it seems that it will be hit by a strong impact, which will turn it into powder and be exactly the same as the cultivation of wings at the bottom of the cliff.
I’m afraid this is the reason why day order’s theory of Wushu success is getting less and less.
The unexpected appearance of Fengyang and Huatian caused quite a stir. The brothers from all walks of life in Jingyang Inn did not cast their admiration or admiration, or envy and envy at the two famous and carefree teenagers.
Feng Yang and Hua Tian didn’t feel too guilty. They looked at all the strange eyes and sat in a corner of Jingyang Inn. They made some dining tables and drank together.
At this moment, a middle-aged man suddenly walked beside Feng Yang and Hua Tian and asked, "Can you two young Xia talk?"
"About what?" Feng yang asked
This middle-aged man attracted the attention of all the people in Jingyang Inn, and at that time, there were dozens of inexplicable speculations. Some people even thought that this man was trying to dig the corner of Feiyun Gate.
"One hundred and fifty million gold to buy your step intermediate wushu" all curious gaze middle-aged men say a shocking words.
"The Kunshan Sword Sect deserves to be called the rich sect. This price is really staggering."
"One hundred and fifty million dollars to buy a martial arts, I’m afraid, will make him look at the ocean like a man who buys martial arts."
"I’m afraid I will have a huge return in the future if I have the courage to invest heavily in buying a prefecture-level intermediate Wushu in the early stage."
The price quoted by the middle-aged man of Kunshan Sword School immediately shocked everyone. A Xuanjie junior Wushu auction house reached the top of 30,000, and the local junior can also sell for about 20 million gold.
Although the value of the intermediate martial arts is not comparable to that of the primary martial arts, the auction house has also sold it and was bought by a strong man with ten million yuan.
Now the Kunshan Sword Sect has actually offered 150 million gold, which is not a price that all sects can bear * Even Feiyun Gate and Wan Jianzong, such a powerful force, do not have the financial resources.
However, the ground-level Wushu has always been a valuable market, and the occasional occurrence of the ground-level Wushu auction house will cause an uproar and the competition will be extremely fierce.
The Kunshan Sword Sect claims to be the rich sect of Gulai Empire, and it really deserves its name. This calligraphy is not good, and it is not easy to meet a local intermediate martial arts. I am afraid that if I buy this martial arts, the rich sect will also become a poor sect.
After that, the man of Kunshan Sword School stared at Feng Yang. He thought that Feng Yang was a tough teenager, but no matter how tough and mature his mind was, he was a teenager. It was so crazy. Even some famous strong people would be heartbroken. One hundred and fifty million yuan, but the price of five steps of primary Wushu was astronomical to anyone.
Jingyang Inn suddenly fell into a silence. Everyone held their breath and watched the wind and looked forward to it. It was taken for granted that even if the wind and the wind sold the intermediate martial arts to Kunshan Sword School.
After all, with 150 million gold, if you have the opportunity, you can buy a terrace intermediate Wushu and one or two terrace primary Wushu. This is a sure-fire business.
See the wind Yang slightly moved seems to be his quotation shock secretion disorder in the male heart suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.
Although the price is very high, it is worthwhile to have a local intermediate martial arts Kunshan Sword School, which will greatly increase its power. A session of the martial arts meeting will surely win the first five places. The Kunshan Sword School will certainly attract more people to join, and the talented and good brothers will naturally rise, so that the growth of Kunshan Sword School with good N circulation is foreseeable.
Although the Kunshan Sword Sect is rich, it is not necessary to have money to buy it, even if it consumes the treasury of the Kunshan Sword Sect.
Feng Yang took a deep breath and said, "It’s really hard to refuse the price, but I still have to say I’m sorry not to sell it."