"It’s really not worth it for Fengyang. The elders of Feiyun Gate are eating shit and being bullied by others. What do you say? We know it’s someone else’s fault and we didn’t see him go to Weifeng Yang for justice." Yao, another girl who covered her face, was also full of indignation in her tone.

"Come on, this is the intrigue of several factions of them. We simply can’t understand the truth. Don’t follow it blindly." The girl who was called Sister Liu without covering her face shrugged her shoulders.
"I just feel wronged for Feng Yang. Look at how lonely he is alone. Now he must be very lonely in his heart." The petite Ling Wei’s beautiful eyes have been locked in Feng Yang’s figure
"Are you a mother’s love flooded? Do you want to be committed to dissolve his loneliness? There is a saying that one person is lonely and two people are wrong, "said Liu Jie jokingly.
"Go to hell, but you can get to know him first-he really has two things to say to that group of people," Ling Wei said with admiration.
Everyone rushed from Jingyang Inn to the scene of the martial arts meeting. Through the first martial arts meeting, fifteen sects were all present. Everyone’s mind and attention were taken back from the storm in Jingyang Inn, and they were absorbed in the game.
Jingyang Inn didn’t see the spectacular scenes of the major sects fighting, and even the fighting didn’t make everyone expect that the brothers of those sects would make up for this regret.
Of the remaining 15 sects, one lucky sect will be promoted directly, while the remaining 14 sects will need to fight against seven sects who have won from the 14 sects, and then fight again until the final champion is selected.
As the saying goes, it’s not that enemies don’t get together. Today’s game, Feiyun Gate suddenly met Ba Dao Gate.
As its name implies, the Badminton Gate is very overbearing. The sect is not only overbearing, but also arrogant. Zhe regrets that it is the ace player in the Badminton Gate.
Badaomen did not directly send Zhe to regret the scene, but was led by another brother.
"Alex, you" Feng Yang saw Taiwan’s bully’s younger brother. This guy was also one of the seven people who attacked him secretly.
At this time, this bully’s younger brother didn’t shout anything. He saw the fighting capacity of the wind and the wind and the wind didn’t play. Instead, he was glad that he knew that he had had such an unhappy experience yesterday. I’m afraid the consequences would be very serious.
But he didn’t realize that it was also a terrible thing to fight against Lei Element Huatian *
Hua Tian jumps into the ring without saying anything. Ling has already sent an attack to the martial arts brother in the ring. The light in his arm flashes, and there is a faint light flashing in his body.
Badger’s younger brother hasn’t met Alex yet, but he has been weakened by this horror. Before the war, he dared to summon up courage and punch Ling Luohuatian.
In Huatian, however, a strange fist whirled and collided with the bully’s younger brother. When the ring sounded, Huatian turned quickly and deftly, and he was tall and strong. He and his body were not in line with the sensitive fall of the bully’s younger brother’s body. Thunderstorm fists on one side of his body collided like a flash, and a thunderous gas hit the bully’s younger brother, who was caught off guard. The latter was heavily blown out and his body was moved by paralysis.
Huatian took advantage of the victory to chase and blow out a punch again, and directly blew the bully’s younger brother out of the ring. His body and skin were hit by dark, and dark smoke came out of his mouth.
"Little Hugh Crazy" When the bully’s younger brother just landed, another bully’s younger brother, Ma Fei, rushed to the ring and continued to fight with Huatian, waving a five-foot long knife in his hand, waving a tiger and a wind knife, and the mans flashed like a laser flash, which turned out to be a few steps back for Huatian, the second bully’s younger brother. Huatian retreated with a long knife and raised his body, and went straight for Huatian’s chest.
"Good" has stepped into the threshold of the Second Wu Zun. Huatian cast a force to protect himself. Thunderstorm boxing once again sent out a thunderous gas and rushed to the field again. The martial brother of the bully was almost conscious, so he raised his knife to cut.
Because things happened in the morning, many viewers couldn’t help but fall into the fight here at Feiyun Gate. Even though the battles between Wan Jianzong and Jueqing Valley were equally wonderful, the audience still couldn’t help but want to see what kind of sparks Feiyun Gate and Badao Gate would have, or whether they would scratch their clothes or not.
"Badao Gate is going to lose another person."
Baihua Valley covered her face. Two girls, Yao and Ling Wei, were sympathetic to the wind, and they were also quite impressed by Feiyun Gate. Their younger brothers actually raised their swords to cut Huatianlei Gangqi County Yao. They couldn’t help but disdain and said.
"I want to see how the wind blows them," Lingwei said.
"It’s not certain whether a guy behind the Badao Gate can beat this person now." County Yao said with a smile. "Maybe we can see the strength of Feiyun Gate and you still have a chance to get close contact."
The two men are talking, and the challenge competition is near the end. The younger brother who didn’t try to bully the sword slashed the thunderstorm fist with one knife and sent out a thunderous explosion. He went straight to the man’s body along the metal long knife and convulsed the younger brother’s body like epilepsy.
As the body was paralyzed, Huatian chased after him and flew the second bully’s younger brother out again.
At the same time, after a bully’s younger brother, Zhe regrets that he has already carried a long knife to fly to the challenge, and his eyes burst out with Lengli murderous look and stared at Huatian.
Hand-written novels
Chapter two hundred and sixty-one Young God of War
Welcome you to come.
"You’re very strong, but you can’t stop here." The philosopher in the flying challenge regrets that his face is full of domineering. He said that the domineering and the knife are the necessary conditions for success. Because the saber-wielding martial arts are extremely overbearing, if the performer is weak and timid, the power of the saber-wielding martial arts will be exerted.
"It’s time to stop." Alex drew a faint smile at the corner of his mouth but made no secret of the murderous look in his eyes. "Brother Yang wants me to kill you."
"With you?" Zhe regrets that the long knife in his hand suddenly pulls out a long dark knife and roars "You don’t deserve it".
Say the darksteel knife in your hand plays a crazy and overbearing knife, and Mang Gang gas is like a storm sweeping across the sky towards China.
Huatian’s look remains unchanged, which is beneficial to his own thunder element advantage. He keeps dodging in the knife and has a thrilling escape from wave after wave of attacks.
Zhe regrets that the art of using saber is really fierce and overbearing. Every knife seems to be like a mountain crack and a stone. It is like a dark cloud pressing the city to destroy its power and powerful oppression, which constantly impacts Huatian and makes Huatian look dignified gradually.
At this time, the stage is filled with dark awns from the dark iron knives in Zhe’s regrets, while Huatian is as dense as a rain knife. It’s like a ten thousand-year-old Gu Song standing still despite the storm and tornado.
Taiwanese people are fascinated by it, which makes people realize that Feiyun Gate has another strength to be reckoned with besides its wit and great style.
Huatian’s first battle was also one against three, but the disparity in the strength of the enemy in the first game did not reflect Huatian’s strength
At the moment, Huatian Lien Chan’s second game, the third game, Sanwu Zunzhe regrets the stormy offensive, and Huatian is still invincible, which makes people pay attention to this young man’s good qualities.
"The younger brother who can represent Feiyun Gate is really not a simple role." The battle over there in Chivalrous Gate is over. Jun Hao, the ace player of Chivalrous Gate, and his two companions are all looking at the battle over Feiyun Gate. Seeing Taiwan’s sparkly figure like thunder, their eyes bloom with hot light.
"But he seems to be losing," Chi Ze said.