When the donation is finished, the other problem is the shortage, which is also Ma Liang’s comparative note. If the speed of cultivating one’s own family is slow, the villagers will uniformly allocate labor to cultivate one piece of land, and the efficiency will be much higher and the effect will be obvious.

But this also involves a problem. Some people have more wasteland, others have less, and someone must be responsible for keeping records. Fortunately, Ma Liang has managed several grandfathers to take charge of this matter.
In addition, everyone is still willing to be able to spend more time at home, so there is nothing wrong with it, and then arrange the registrar to wait for the cigarettes and leave a few representatives of each group to discuss it. It is already noon, and Ma Liang also specially gave them a few more packs of cigarettes, and both of them are happy.
As soon as they left, Ma Liang sat directly in the chair and looked at the sunset, feeling very tired because there were too many things to haggle over.
Wu Zhilong went back to the office at noon, and he and Qiu Xiaohan were left here.
"Fortunately, you are bitter." Autumn slight cold sound came with sweet wind. She was beside Ma Liang. Today, Ma Liang was mainly busy. She was quite relaxed.
Ma Liang smelled a special fragrance. Take a closer look. She actually put a cup of coffee on Ma Liang’s table. You can see that the cups and spoons are very delicate and there is an exclusive coffee cup with the name of autumn chill:
Chapter 417 Collusion
"I just burned some hot water and made a cup of coffee." She also sat beside me, still wrapped in gauze, but she also recovered a lot.
Ma Liang took a sip with a strong fragrance. He actually liked this bitter and fragrant feeling, but he had no money to drink before, but now he has money, but it is difficult to have this emotional appeal.
"It’s almost time for me to sell vegetables here." Ma Liang drank a few mouthfuls and put a cup, but he still had to get some words. Compared with that DVD player, he was still very busy.
Hurry up and pack things here and go home, and Qiu Xiaohan himself will have to wait for a while to come over and ask Ma Liang to pick something up at dinner. The meeting is finally over, but it is also a technical job and a mobilization meeting. It should be time for the village head to come back.
I got my things back, and when I got home, I found that the dishes were planted and packed neatly. Not to mention Xia Xue and Mengmeng, I couldn’t help but feel warm in my heart and quickly called two brothers to carry the burden.
Huang was waiting for a direct inquiry at the sight of Ma Liang.
"Brother, how is that man?"
Ma Liang told Huang what happened yesterday, and Huang gave a thumbs-up directly. "Brother, you are so awesome that this guy must be scared out of my wits. No wonder I didn’t see that guy anywhere today."
"We’ve never offended anyone named Kim, and there are definitely people behind it," said Ma Liang after a while.
"I seem to have heard that this gold boss is quite powerful in the city, or I’ll ask someone to inquire about it." Huang also pondered that he made money by this business much faster than before, and Ma Liang readily made a deal that he could earn two thousand yuan when the time comes to build a small building for his own children, a good school and a wife who likes new clothes.
Ma Liang nodded, which can be such an idea for the time being. It is estimated that the other party will not come to find the secret of the dish for the time being, but it is quite realistic.
And two people are also busy preparing to weigh the dishes.
At this time, in a high-end teahouse in the county town, a box was filled with smoke, and two people were sitting smoking and drinking tea with a chessboard.
"I’ll give you a 250-year-old Feng. That’s a tough move," a voice said, and then I slammed a chess game. "I’ll eat your horse and take your army."
"Kim, your chess is still so smelly. I’m going to call this gun." Another person laughed.
"Quitting playing chess doesn’t count. Don’t hit the gun indiscriminately. You should hit the gun to find some girls." This is called the old gold man playing chess neatly.
This old Feng is actually the boss of the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Feng. Sitting next to him, a beautiful woman’s hand is holding it in her body and drilling into her clothes from time to time.
Sitting opposite, the old man has a scar on his head and neck, and his face looks very fierce. It is said that the people of Chengdong’s generation are not afraid of death, and they are in charge of several dishes. It is said that in those days, a dozen people surrounded a person with a steel pipe and forced everyone to dry up. Everyone called him Boss Jin.
In addition, he is quite a lecherous. It is said that he has harmed many good women, but he is ruthless and knows many people, so he has always lived a chic life.
"Brother Jin, the old guy is back," said a man outside.
"Let him in." Boss Kim didn’t even look back.
Soon a man came in outside, and it was Ma Liang and Qiu Xiaohan who beat him black and blue and squinted.
"How did you get this appearance?" Gold boss asked with a frown and then made a move.
"General" boss Feng moved the chess directly.
"Mom, it’s very unlucky." Boss Jin took a sip of tea and slammed the teacup. "Change the old pot when the tea gets cold."
At this time, a delicate and pretty member ran by, and his expression was a little scared. He was afraid to take the teapot and was ready to leave.
"Wait, it seems that I have never seen you new here." Boss Jin grabbed her hand and squinted at her. "Not bad, not bad, not bad."
"Don’t get down to business first," said Boss Feng.
"Line" gold boss let go of the member just panicked and left.
"Gold boss, you can give me an outlet. I was beaten by that little guy and almost lost my life." The squint old man said that his eyes were narrowing and his body was still aching.
"What’s going on? Don’t talk nonsense," said King Boss.
Then the old man embellished the matter by saying, "I was really beaten to death, so I said I knew Boss Jin. Who knows that he actually said that Boss Jin didn’t care about you and said what you were?"
"What?" This golden boss looks quite angry together.
"You exposed the gold boss" Feng boss heard the frown and asked, smoking a cigarette.
"You’re so young that you exposed me. You want to die." Boss Jin kicked him in the body and he rolled for several meters directly.
"No, no, I know how he grows vegetables," the old man said quickly.
"Come on," Mr. Feng was obviously quite excited.
And I always told Ma Liang what to say, and I also promised that "this must be true because he wanted to kill me at that time. There is no need to tell me lies. If I hadn’t been thinking about how to run, I would have been fed to wolves."
"So that’s it." Boss Feng sat down again and lit a cigarette. "Laojin looks like we’re going to be rich in a few months."
"Do you want to go and have a little meal first?" It’s quite enjoyable to hear that Qian Jin’s boss is also smoking a cigarette.
"No, don’t forget this facet. Someone in the county directly checked those few people. If it weren’t for these few people, we would have been out. Don’t move for the time being." Boss Feng pondered.
"That’s right. I still wonder that the public security bureau chief personally ordered the investigation on such a trivial matter." Gold boss vomited smoke. "It’s my treat today. I heard that there are several foreign girls coming to Fengjinlou again."
"Mom, foreign girl, I hate this foreigner the most. The former allied forces set fire to the fire. Today, they won glory for their country once." Gold boss laughed.
It’s getting late. Ma Liang went to pick up the autumn chill. She was lying in bed in the house and fell asleep.
"Autumn slight chill up for dinner" Ma Liang told her to move without much reaction.
"You’ll catch a cold if you fall asleep like this," Ma Liang said, because the cold wind was blowing into the room at this time, and she opened her eyes but was too lazy to move.
Ma Liang directly took her hand and tried to get her up, but when she got up, she caught Ma Liang’s clothes. A wrong person lost his balance and then pressed heavily in front of her from behind and this time from the front:
Chapter 41 Tell you to touch it
A woman’s body always has a charming fragrance, like a slight chill in autumn. In this haze, you can see that her clear and beautiful eyes are staring at him with some fog and sorrow.
"I’m sorry," said Ma Liang apologetically, trying to stand up only to find that her clothes were caught by her.
Delicate, soft, elastic, firm chest, enchanting, feminine fragrance and the small mouth of Ruolan cherry that is close at hand are all very attractive.
"I’m going to get up, or I’ll have a reaction later." Ma Liang was embarrassed. Now there are little brothers who hold their heads high and take advantage of her again, but she doesn’t seem to care much about being taken advantage of, probably because she wants to chase her herself