Wang Shu said, "My husband has been away from Penglai for some time, but I don’t know when he will return to the island, but you are late."

Zhun Ti said, "Well, I’ll leave." Lead them away. But I had to ask for Hongjun in Zixiao Palace again. (Note that Wang Shu is not a saint, although he is Mr. Zhang’s wife, but his identity will not be above that of a saint. It is a great honor to show her a little respect. You should understand this. )
When they went to the Zixiao Palace, the boy came out and said, "Two senior brothers. Master has a decree that you should go back to the west. "
Zhun Ti said, "Brother, can the teacher still explain?"
The boy said, "Your lordship said that there is someone you are looking for in the west."
Zhun Ti said, "Thank you for telling me. I’ll leave you later." The boy bowed to them and went back to Zixiao Palace. The two of them can only turn to the west.
When they returned to the west, the apes on the ground were still rampant, and the surrounding area of Lingshan was already in ruins. The west was originally sparsely populated, and now it has experienced such a big robbery, and I don’t know how many years it will take to recover. The poor couple’s little foundation, which they had managed for many years, was thus lost.
Zhunti looked at the ruins on the earth, and the nameless heart burned in his heart, slapping a palm on the lower bound of the apes. The Australopithecus, who was fighting against the Buddhas in Lingshan, couldn’t escape the palm that fell from the sky and was photographed in the earth. The giant hand didn’t seem to miss the meaning of the Australopithecus. Just after filming a palm, it became an orchid finger to hold the Australopithecus and pull him out of the surface and hold it in his hand.
Zhunti squeezed his hand angrily, and the ape in the lower bound was crushed into noodles by a giant hand, which generally only kept wailing. Nine days ago, a planet suddenly fell sharply and hit the giant hand that caught the ancient ape. It’s too late to dodge. Hit by the planet, the giant hand dissipated. The Australopithecus was thrown to the ground and made a deep pit.
Zhunti of Elysium looked angrily at the chaos above nine days, which happened to be Sanqing heaven. "Younger brother," he said, "that ape is the main character of this robbery and will not fall. Sanqing will help them just because of this. If you continue to intervene in the robbery, I am afraid this robbery will turn into a quantitative robbery."
Zhun-ti said angrily, "Look at the lower bound, brother. This is our hard work for many years. Now everything has been destroyed by this evil animal. Unfortunately, we have worked hard for thousands of years, and I am not willing."
Zhun-ti threw his fist at the lower bound regardless of the obstruction, and his huge fist fell instantly, as if he wanted to kill the ape. A silver dragon suddenly fell from the sky and rushed at the fist. When the two collided, they immediately bounced off and the fist turned into a grab at the dragon. The dragon opened its huge mouth and bit into the palm of its hand, and the two fought happily in mid-air. The Australopithecus worried about watching the two fighting in the sky and didn’t dare to make moves again.
"Roar" there was a loud noise, and the silver dragon twisted around the palm of its hand in mid-air, biting it constantly, and then it bit the palm of its hand in a moment. The silver dragon won and immediately flew to nine days, and disappeared for a moment.
Zhunti was furious and said, "Sanqing, I won’t rest with you. If you want to destroy my Buddhist foundation, I won’t let you feel better." I must mention it, break the space and stretch out my hand to attract the seven treasures and wonderful trees to brush to the east.
A picture falls from the sky, and you must lift a brush when you block it. I was furious and took a shot at the scroll, and the seven treasures and wonderful trees were brushed again. There is another scroll in the sky falling towards the quasi-scroll, and quasi-scroll is another brush to avoid it.
When a pagoda falls, it will be blocked by a brush, and Lao Tzu and Xuanqing appear in front of Zhunti together. Zhun-ti said angrily, "Gentlemen, you are deceiving me so much because you think I am afraid of you."
Xuanqing said, "You must mention that you were robbed in the west, but you want to destroy my eastern soil once, so you are not afraid that the teacher will not blame you."
Lao Tzu said, "The four great monkeys are now in the Lingshan Mountain. The disaster is in the west, so you don’t want to suppress it. But you came to me for trouble in the East, and you can’t ignore being original. "
Zhun Ti-nu said, "Before, I tried to slay that evil animal, but you three cleanups stopped me. My west was destroyed, without your participation. Now that the foundation of my Buddhism has been cut, what’s the use of leaving this world? It’s better to refine the earth, fire, water and wind and change the world."
Xuanqing shook his head and said, "You are so stubborn and pretend to be a saint. This world was created by the teacher. If you destroy it, you will inevitably upset the teacher. You might as well take it down and hand it over to the teacher."
Lao Tzu said, "As a saint, I don’t know the mind of the upper body, so I don’t deserve to be called a saint. I can’t say that I have to take you down and hand you over to the teacher."
"You’ve all come to bully me, so don’t think I’m afraid of you," said Zhun Tiao angrily. Must be great anger toward the top of the head, a xuan Huang Zhi gas foaming at the mouth from his top.
Laozi and Xuanqing were frightened: "I dare to stand upright." Must mention grabbed the xuan Huang Zhi gas hands constantly make gestures, absolute complex symbols rotating around him. This quasi-mention still has the idea of mutual destruction, otherwise it will not use this sage source, but also use the prayer method. This technique is irreversible as soon as it comes out. Although this fate spell takes a lot of time, this spell is also the strangest. If someone wants to interrupt this spell, it can’t be done at all. Once this thing appears, it is irreversible. That time is relatively speaking. The caster feels that it has been thousands of years, but the person who wants to break the law will not. Maybe this spell will be completed when he comes to Zhunti. This is the so-called instant ten thousand years.
Xuanqing and Lao Tzu could only stand by and watch Zhunti’s actions, and for a moment that Jieyin, Primitive and Tongtian came. Lao Tzu said coldly, "If you are allowed to commit such a big crime, do you still want to cover him up?"
Then he said, "Li Daoyou, my younger brother has broken the precept and made such a great disaster. As a senior brother, I should discipline him. Let me take him back to the west for discipline. "
"You’ve made a good calculation," said Tongtian. "He wanted conan the destroyer this time and made such a big mistake that he had to go to the Zixiao Palace to see the teacher and let him deal with it."
Then he said, "My younger brother did this only because my western foundation was destroyed by those four monkeys. The causal root is still in the East. This robbery started in the East. My younger brother is only a victim and should not be punished by the teacher. I’d better give it to me and bring it back to Lingshan for discipline. "
Xuanqing smiled coldly: "You calculated that you wanted to send all this disaster to the East?"
Then Chao Sanqing said, "What do you think of the three Taoist friends?"
Sanqing of the Xuan and Qing Dynasties glanced at the cold track: "Buddhist people are really eloquent. If you let them quibble, it is hard to add all the sins to the East." Then he said, "The four monkeys shouldn’t have lived together, but Qingyun put the four monkeys together, which caused such a disaster. This robbery should be regarded as Qingyun’s fault."
"Bald donkey, is it your Buddhist purpose to speak ill of people behind their backs?" A loud roar came from the sky, and Qingyun broke the space and appeared in front of the saints. "If you dare to sow discord now, it must be conan the destroyer. We’d better find a way to maintain this world first, otherwise the teacher will blame who can take responsibility."
Chapter 44 Come if you don’t come.
"Now," said Tongtian, "you must mention the source of self-injury and set up a law against the sky. Who can stop it?"
Qingyun said, "Since I dare to mention conan the destroyer, I’ll ask the teacher to take care of it. See how he conan the destroyer. " After that, he touched out three incense sticks and lit them and made three obeisances in the direction of Penglai.
When the saints saw the arrival of Qingyun, they burned incense and asked for help. There were still many arguments and they were quiet one by one. For a moment, the smoke condensed into Zhang Wen’s appearance, and the saints quickly visited. Zhang Wendao: "You guys are really, you always like to start all over again. If you come back a few times, you will be bored to death. It’s hard to say that the great disaster of the saints will come that day, and I’ll see how you guys can still go to conan the destroyer. "
Qingyun said, "Teacher, I definitely want conan the destroyer, but now the disaster has not arrived, and heaven and earth should not be destroyed. Please ask the teacher to resolve this robbery."
Zhang Wen looked at Zhunti and said, "It’s a bit troublesome. Wait till I get here." After all, the saints waited for Mr. Zhang to arrive together.
Zhang Wen suddenly appeared in front of the saints with Beibei in his arms, and nothing happened in that space. This parting alone can make the saints feel cold. The saints bowed to Zhang Wenyi, and Zhang Wen waved and said, "Why did Zhunti die?"
Then the leader stepped forward first and said, "Uncle, just because the four monkey spirits came to the west in this world and destroyed all beings in Lingshan, my younger brother tried to take them down, but was stopped by Sanqing, and the harmed western creatures were robbed. My younger brother refused to accept it and went to Sanqing theory, which led to the present situation."
Zhang Wendao: "So it’s Sanqing’s fault?" "Uncle," said Tongtian, "the rebellion of the four spiritual monkeys in Lingshan was just a robbery in the west. At the beginning, we made a promise, and the sage was not allowed to enter the robbery. We refused to honor the agreement, and we stopped him again and again. However, he hated it and provoked the current situation. "
Mr. Zhang nodded and said, "I understand your things, and I must mention that since you want to destroy the world, you are guilty. I’ll suppress the East China Sea Seaeye first, and I won’t be able to rob him until the amount is up. You should also stop the extinction of the quasi-abstract. You are arguing about your mistakes here, and you all go back to your own Dojo. You must rob it. "
What the saints want to say, Mr. Zhang will give the opportunity to send all the saints back to their own Dojo with a wave of his hand, leaving only the quasi-mention that is still casting spells. Zhang Wen looked at the quasi-mention of concentrating on casting spells. He shook his head helplessly and said, "Why bother to hurt yourself?"
Mr. Zhang approached Zhunti, just arrived at Zhunti’s side, and Zhunti’s spell was completed, and a force of conan the destroyer scattered from Zhunti. Mr. Zhang shook his head, reached out and grasped all the forces that exploded to destroy the world in his hand, and a big mill kept spinning. In a moment, all the power to destroy the world will be changed into chaotic qi. As soon as the chaotic qi touches the aura of the world, it will quickly divide the yin and yang and the five elements, and in a moment it will be transformed into innate aura, and it is best to transform it into acquired aura and dissipate it in the air.
Quasi-mention a pale face, sitting on the ground in general weakness, just that has exhausted all his strength, and now he is too tired to even stand up. Zhang Wendao: "Why do you bother? Conan the destroyer, you saints really want to return to chaos. It seems that Hongjun’s education for you is not home. Look at you guys. The Lord who doesn’t want to destroy the world pretends that you are still saints. How many times can this heaven endure extinction? "
Zhun Ti said, "Uncle, Sanqing pushed me too hard and destroyed the foundation of Lingshan. If I don’t destroy his eastern orthodoxy, how can I be happy?"
Zhang Wendao: "You are really saints. The disaster under heaven is not caused by your selfishness. Say something about disaster It’s better for you saints to fight. It’s a good thing that I’m in charge of this amount of robbery time, if Hongjun is in charge of you. I’m afraid this boundless robbery will have to come early again. You are really, all day long, you just know how to be competitive, and when you are really saints, you are doomed. Let’s go. "
"Where is Uncle Shi taking me?" asked Zhun, puzzled.
Zhang Wenyi laughed and said, "You are still silly and cute." Beibei said, "You made a mistake, aren’t you punished? My dad said earlier that you would be locked in the eyes of the East China Sea and won’t come out until the next robbery."
Zhunti quickly turned over and knelt down to Zhang Wen: "I made amends, but my disciple knew my mistake."
Zhang Wendao: "You were going to destroy the world before. If I hadn’t stopped you, this world would no longer exist. You will be locked up anyway, but you won’t have enough time to rob you. Stay there and feel something."
Zhang Wenchao must mention a beat, and Zhunti immediately disappeared, and Zhunti in the eyes of the East China Sea was trapped inside. Zhang Wenchao Beibei said, "Now this robbery has finally been solved."
Beibei said, "Dad stopped the robbery, so dad lost."
Zhang Wen said with a smile, "Yes, I lost, but the fate is not over yet. The four monkeys are still rampant in Lingshan."
Beibei said, "Dad, this Lingshan has been made like this. It’s time for the four monkeys to go home. Why isn’t the disaster over?"
Zhang Wendao said: "The protagonist of the doom is alive, but the person who should be robbed has not come yet. This doom will naturally wait for him. If he doesn’t come all the time, the doom will come to him. "
"Sou" a mountain flew from the west to the south. The mountain just flew in front of Zhang Wen. Beibei looked at the mountain with her mouth wide open, speechless. Zhang Wen smiled and said, "Look, that doom has come to you."
The carefree and scattered people in silver moon Cave, Wugen Mountain, Nanzhan Prefecture were meditating when they suddenly opened their eyes and flew out of the cave. After he came out of the hole, he saw a mountain flying in the sky. The carefree people had no choice but to sweep the dust towards the mountain, but the mountain immediately flew back. Seeing this, the wandering people looked solemn and sighed helplessly for a moment: "You are floating on the clouds, but your calculation is to let the original have nowhere to escape."
Zhang Wen said with a smile, "I have been looking for him for a long time, asking him to solve the four monkeys’ robbery. As a result, he can’t leave home. Now even if he hides, he has to solve this chaotic robbery for me."
Beibei said, "Dad, look. The mountain flew back again. " Zhang Wenchao looked in the direction of Beibei’s finger, but he saw that the mountain had really returned to the original road.
Zhang Wen said with a smile, "This monk is amazing, even more accurate than that positioning missile. Alas, the monkey was hit."
There was a loud bang, and the mountain directly hit the ape’s back and exploded. Buddhists on Lingshan were puzzled to see that the mountain that flew from nowhere hit the ape.
Australopithecus turned around and growled in the direction of silver moon Cave in Wugen Mountain, Nanzhan State, grabbed a mountain and threw it there. Xiaoyao scattered people looked at the mountain that flew again, shook their heads and brushed the dust. The mountain immediately returned to the original road. This time, the ape was not hit by this mountain. He grabbed this mountain and smashed it at silver moon Cave in Wugen Mountain, Nanzhan State. The two sides were like playing ping pong. You throw it over and I throw it over.